Any Apple users interested in beta testing my VPN service?


I’m a digital nomad (coming up to 3 years / 30 countries), software developer and run a VPN network.

Over the past few months I’ve scaled up the VPN network to include a lot of new countries (and popular nomad destinations) including Thailand, Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Mexico, Chile and a load of others.

Several locations have been configured to route across Tier 1 networks to Europe and the US so should help improve international bandwidth. (often the problem with Internet access in some countries is that you have a great connection to local services within that country but poor international connectivity. By connecting to a decent VPN server located in that country and then routing across premium bandwidth you can often get significantly better results).

I’m wondering if any techy Mac/iPhone/iPad users in some of these locations would be interested in testing and providing feedback on the services. I’ll give you a free subscription and can work with you to give you the best connection. You’ll have a network of 50 servers in 30 countries to connect to, and with your feedback hopefully I can tweak the network to give the best performance for other nomads.

I’m not sure if I can post a link to the apps (don’t want my first post to be seen as spam) so reply to this thread if you’re interested.

Would definitely be interested in beta testing your service. Am in indonesia right now and us a macbook. Don’t have an iPhone or iPad though…

Perfect! Where in Indonesia? I’m planning a trip back to the Gili’s in the next few months, maybe hit Lombok!

There are servers on Java, Malaysia and 2 in Singapore. I think I get the best international connectivity from SG with services routing directly to UK and US. The whole region is tricky to get decent European bandwidth too, pretty much everything gets routed via cheap bandwidth to the US.

Am PMing you more info.

Hmm. Looks interesting. Now in Vietnam with iphone and laptop with linux/win.

I’m interested. I’m a software developer me and my MBP will hit bali soon, then possibly singapore, Thailand and few more destinations In sea.

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Hi, sounds great! I am currently living in Taiwan. Usually I am using PrivateInternetAccess as VPN and I would love to test yours. What’s your planned policy for logging etc (I mean, when beta testing is over)?

Hi Richard, very interested. I am currently using AirVPN, which is great generally, but a bit weak on servers in Asia (they have HK and Singapore). Would love to try. Currently in Philippines, later Indonesia.
Best, Fab

Definitely interested, and have a MacBook, iPhone, and iPad. I’m in the USA right now, but will be in other countries in Late March, all April, and more this year.

I am interested as well. Working from Thailand with MBP and iPhone.

Also interested here. Worked with vpns as user and provider for 5+ years.

I am using Speedify now when I need to get more stable / quick connection in Thailand.

Hello - I could test from Costa Rica if that helps.

Hey Richard, I’m happy to Beta Test your VPN. I currently use WiTopia with good results but I’m assuming yours will be faster.

I have a Mid 2013 Macbook Air and am located in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

I’d like to help. I use a Macbook Pro/iPhone 6 daily here in Ubud.

Hi Richard, doesn’t work for me (see error log in PM). I’ve uninstalled for now.

What about non-Apple users? As someone whose always spinning up VPSs for VPNs, I’d love to give this a go on my Linux and Android devices.

Would love to try it out as well. I’m currently conducting a large review of VPN providers, focused on the needs of DNs. Would love to include the service there if it’s ready for prime time. MBA user, with access to iPhone as well (but not my primary phone).


Hi thomas, the OS X app is Global VPN and is available here:

PM me your Account Name (as displayed at the bottom of the main screen) and I’ll extend your subscription (that goes for any other fellow nomads). Global VPN is also available for iPhone/iPad and Android.

I just released a new version and am currently bringing the iPhone/iPad and Android versions of the app up to date to make it easier to use the same on all devices. We’re also working on a website for the services. Busy times :slight_smile:

If anyone has any suggestions then let me know and we’ll see what we can do. I’ve just upgraded the network and now support PPTP, L2TP, IPSec IKEv1 and IKEv2 and OpenVPN so you should be able to get through most firewalls. There’s also traffic redirectors for getting decent European or US connections from remote countries.

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@portable currently I’m using TunnelBear n travelling to Thailanf. Will be here for next few days n then back to India. Will be travelling to Malaysia after that.

I’m a techie (sort of) n would love to try your app. Hoping I can contribute something here :smile:

Good luck, hope things go great with your VPN