Any co-working/working space in Mexico?

Hi all,
I was reviewing posts from last year about certain cities in Mexico (PV, PDC), so I’m hoping to expand a little. It also appears that there were struggles with internet speed. I will require fast/reliable internet to work - webinars (GTM), demos, software testing, etc.

Best cities/location:

  1. Co-working/working
  2. If no co-working spaces, Airbnb suggestions with reliable internet
  3. Any improvement in internet speeds you’ve noticed since last year (where ever you were)?

Any other suggestions are welcome.

I’m moving to MC on the 27th. I’ll let you know what information about the area I can gather.

Thank you so much!

Howdy :slight_smile:

I can’t speak specifically to co-working spaces but Mexico City has fiber available in many neighborhoods as do many of the larger cities in Mexico (I know for sure that Tuxtla Gutiérrez has some pretty amazing speeds available). I’ve spent some time on the Mayan Riviera as well and Playa del Carmen and Cancun are well connected but the rest of that area I found to be pretty disappointing in regards to connectivity. I currently live in San Cristóbal de las Casas and there isn’t fiber or cable available here that I know of (which is probably why there are no co-working spots here) but xDSL is stable and reliable. I have a 5MB connection at home which is really all I need for my work and has served me well for nearly 1 year now.

You might want to check out - perhaps post on some of the techie type meetup groups in Mexico and see what folks there have to say specific to co-working spaces. Another handy resource is

Hope that helps.

Hi Will,
Thanks so much for the info - very helpful. How about other coastal regions - any feedback on those?

  • Suzanne

No personal experience with any but Sayulita continually comes up on my radar - you might want to have a look at this:

Hi Will,
Thanks again for coming through. Checked it out and will add this to my list.