Any digital nomad surfers here?

I thought it would be beneficial to have a little directory of digital nomads who surf. While I like to go surf places by myself and meet people on-location, going with fellow digital nomads on surf trips would definitely streamline everything a bit more (less partying, more surfing and working :blush:)

I am originally from Switzerland, currently in the Americas but heading towards South East Asia towards the end of the year (eyeing Sri Lanka, Indo and the Philippines) and then possibly Australia for fall.

What’s up @thierrymeier! I’m starting a very surf-focused digital nomad journey this week, starting in Hossegor, France. Planning on working my way down the coast through Spain and Portugal over the next couple of months. South East Asia is definitely on the horizon as well!

Hey guys, yep surf and travel. Currently in Chiang Mai, heading to the Thai islands soon but will be back in the waves after that. Sri Lanka, Philippines, Taiwan are on the agenda over the next 6+months. Plus there is always indo!

That’s rad – just putting it out there: I am thinking about starting a Facebook group for digital nomad watermen and waterwomen, which would make coordinating trips really easy.

Edit: Created the group –

Hey there!
I’m planning a surf trip around the Americas (Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Santa Catarina, Costa Rica, California) from January to July. I’m working on a spreadsheet to save all the information for each surf spot (distances, places to sleep, places to work, surf schools, etc…)
If anyone wants to collaborate send me a PM.

@thierrymeier how was your experience working and surfing in the Americas? any tip? :slight_smile:

I’m headed to Las Palmas very soon, and I plan to take surf lessons every weekend. I’m an absolute beginner… I’ve used a body board as a child, that’s about it :smile:

Has anyone surfed in Gran Canaria? I’m looking for tips on surf schools, good places to surf for a beginner etc!

Hey @grande_temprado, that sounds really cool. I’ve been wanting to head to Chile/Peru to surf for quite some time. Have you made any plans yet? If you share the spreadsheet with me I may have a few tips for spots in Costa Rica

Hey @gsalgado, I’m still planning the trip, but I think I’ll start in Chile.
I’ll share with you the spreadsheet in Slack. :smile:

I have been in Bali for 5 months now, surfing the waves in Canggu. We also have an awesome coworking space (
I started surfing here actually in September last year, so am relatively new to it all, but I try to get out as much as I can, sometimes daily. I’m definitely addicted :wink:

I plan to come to Central America, Mexico, Hawaii and California after I leave Bali behind in a few months.

Would be cool to have this thread as an active channel for us to exchange cool spots to surf and work and see where everyone is at?

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@Conni I seek for some kitesurfer nomads as well! I’d like to join them.