Any digital nomads in Costa Rica?

Any digital nomads presently in Costa Rica? I’m coming down next week.

Hi Adam !

I’m in costa rica , in Tamarindo right now . to which city are you heading ?

I am in Costa Rica too, in Santa Teresa…anyone coming this way?

I’ll probably be stuck in the Central Valley most the trip.

I’m in Costa Rica - Cocles, near Puerto Viejo. If anyone is coming this way, give me a shout.


How is Tamarindo? Coworking available?

Just been there and crossed to bocas del toro to surf after a week in cocles, I’m back in Santa Teresa if you are coming this way

Hi Mikael,
No co-working space here in Tamarindo, also there are some power outages and it’s expensive. So I don’t recommend it for DN. Sorry for the bad news :frowning: . Initially I was planning to stay here for 6 months, but due to the facts that I mentioned earlier I’m heading to Brazil in the next weeks.

Ah, I see. Thanks for you input!

Any surf (beginner/intermediate) where you are heading? Same vibe? Safe? Internet?


Yes, I’m going to Florianopolis , it supposed to be a safe place with good waves and cheaper than Tamarindo, but never been there So I can’t tell

Thanks, Adam - I hear Santa Teresa is nice, but I rented a house in Cocles until April 20. Not sure yet if I’ll go to Guanacaste after that.

Hey! How was Florianopolis? We are looking for a cool surf place for three weeks to hash out our MVP with a team of four others… did you see any cool eco lodges which would be good to rent?


I/we are new digital nomads and we will be heading to Costa Rica on 16-06. Are you/any other digital nomad still in Costa Rica? Any recommendations on where to go?

@Claudi, we just left but had a wonderful time in Quepos. It’s pretty hot right now but nothing we couldn’t handle with a few strategically-placed fans. Great beaches, lots of cool animals and fantastic local produce, especially at the Saturday morning market on the boardwalk.

@lognaturel, hah…we are in Santa Teresa right now…and yes it is hot but bearable :)…we will be staying here until mid July…where are you heading to now?? Still Costa Rica…???

We needed some cool-down time so we’re now in Boquete in the Panamá highlands. Next up are Panamá City and then flying to Medellín!

Oh, I miss CR, especially Santa Teresa. Looking forward for being back with Hackership in September. Until then, I have the beach pic to remind me of it (and calm me down, when stressed)…

(Actual pic. Worked there. Amazing spot. #nofilter!)

@lognaturel, that is interesting….we were planning to go to Panama next! How are you finding Bouquet? is the internet connection? We are now in Monteverde and really enjoying the cool climate…we just found a little apartment for a while and so far the internet and phone connection seems to be good.

@ben, Santa Teresa is a lovely place…just be mindful…Dengue is on the move like everywhere in the costal areas of Costa Rica…the prevalence is less than last year but still relatively high…my partner got infected most likely in Santa Teresa and he had to be hospitalised…he is fine now and the good thing about Dengue is that once you are recovered there is no lasting damage…but still something you want to avoid…

Sorry, totally missed this! Boquete was beautiful with lots of rainbows and very mild weather. It’s a small and quiet town, though, so there isn’t a ton to do. It was a good chance for us to catch up on work and do some hiking but I wouldn’t have liked to stay for more than 2-3 weeks. We were a little ways out of town and had reasonable Internet – something like 2 down and 1 up.