Any digital nomads in Morocco?

Hi fellow digital nomads - someone traveling around Fes, Morocco?

My boyfriend and I are currently here and we would love to get to know some more digital nomads, bloggers, travelers on the road.

Would be awesome to meet up!

Feli and Daniel

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Hi all,

Anyone in Morocco these days?


Hey Feli did you find anybody? We’re thinking of spending some time digital nomading in Fes later this year.

Ciao Gianluca :smile:
Nope until now we didn´t find any digital nomads around here … Fes is awesome - we stayed there for a week …

Now we are thinking of visiting Taghazout in the South close to Agadir and as they are prepared for digital nomads :smile:

Where are you at the moment?

I’ve actually earmarked Fes to setup a nomadbase later in the year! I’ve only stopped through briefly, and it seems fairly undeveloped in terms of facilities for nomads and startups, but is a really nice mix of everything else. The camel burgers at Café Clock are fab (it’s probably the only really cosmopolitan hangout I came across, but as such attracts a few too many tourists…).

I can recommend The Blue House next to Taghazout, however it’s more program-orientated than Sun Desk which is ad-hoc. I strongly disliked Agadir (tourism, concrete and not much else), but Essaouira sounds worth a visit.

Hi Jacob!

Thanks so much for your suggestion - I have found the Blue House as well and I think we will stay some time at Sun Desk while being here in Morocco.

I really liked Essaouira it´s a small but beautiful town! Definitely recommend it!

Now back in Marrakesh - maybe now there is someone here :wink: ?



I’m currently in Marrakech, but unfortunately leaving tomorrow morning. I’ll be in Rabat in the next coming weeks if you are around.

P.S: I’m Moroccan, so if you have any questions or need any kind of information. I’ll be more than happy to help :blush:

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IME Moroccan SIM pricing is on par with the US/Western Europe if you want mobile data or international calling. (Moroccan internet blocks VoIP so you need a VPN or international plan to call abroad.)

In Fez, there are plenty of places with WiFi you could theoretically work out of, but don’t expect to see (m)any other laptops in most cafes. One exception might be the Costa Coffee in Borj Fes mall and maybe the university campuses. The situation is probably at least somewhat different in Casa/Marrakech, which are a bit more cosmopolitan.

Hey there!

Did you make it to Morocco?

Sounds awesome.


I’m headed there for the month of June. I know it will be Ramadan during that time. Does anybody have any tips? We’re going to rent a car and travel for about 3 weeks thru.


Just spent a few weeks in Morrocco and was there before as well, but mostly in the southern part and the Atlas so I cant say about the places/cities in the north.

Mobile Internet: I picked up INWI SIM card for free at the airport. In cities usually 3G, although a bit slow sometimes but ok for work. Skype etc was working just fine, no restrictions also via hotspot. On the country side internet is very slow however.
Last time I was there I also had Maroc telecom, I remembere they had a bit better coverage.
Price-wise Data is quite cheap.

Must Do:
-rent a car and go road tripping in the desert and the mountains. It is spectacular. A popular route is from Marrakech to ouarzazate (via telouete and Ait ben Haddou). If you feel adventurous go further down to Mhamid. There is a quite some road construction going on and sometimes its dust roads, but we did it all in a Dacia Logan. You usally can rent a car and bring it back to another place for a small fee. Price is usually around 15-25 euro per day.
-Check things or even stay outside of the medina. Marrakech Guelize for example is a great place.

  • Kite in Essaouira, Surf in Imsouane

Essaouira - there are great aibnbs appartments outside the Medina (taxi is always 7 dirham). quite a few expats, mostly french retirees. Small city, but lots to do after or between work… You can easily spend one or two months there. Weather is great with a constant fresh breeze.
Marrakech Guelize - Modern city life, young people, girls in skirts and boys with good manners. Very chilled out, especially in comparison to the Medina. A lot of good eating places (hit me up for tipps!). could be great for a few weeks, but it gets quite hot in summer.
Ait Ben Hadou, Zagora, Mhamid, Tafraout - Adventourous places but not for a workation, unless you dont need intnet. lots of inspirationthough. Although I was quite intriged by Zagora, and interested in spending some time there.

Tagazout was always on the list for digital nomads and sufers, however recently I heard quite a few times now, that the water there is quite dirty and people gettig sick (EColi). Apparently too many tourist and lacking sewage system. Last time I went there I did not surf, so this is just what I heard from friends.

Enjoy Marrocco!