Any experiencie airmailing your stuff to yourself when moving from one place to another?

Hi there!

I’m going Nomad in about 3 months. Mainly I’ll stay in some places for at least 1 month, but I’m planning some backpacking trips in between movings. So I’m planning to travel carry-on only on this trips. But I also would like to carry with me some non-indispensable stuff that helps me to keep up with my lifestyle and work on the places where I’ll stay for a longer period. For example a blender, coffee and an Aeropress to prepare my bulleproof coffee. Also my guitar, some camera gear, a good quality screen to work, etc…

Except for the guitar, everything fits into a medium size luggage.

I know I can check in this stuff when moving. But if I’m going to backpack I don’t want to carry this stuff around.

  • Is airmailing this stuff to myself a good option?
  • Any experience on this?

I’m a newby on this lifestyle so any advice is welcome :slight_smile: . Many thanks!

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I’ve done it before and aside from the guitar, my gear is similar to what you’ve described.

Shipping stuff steals time from you. If you’re willing to pay for fast shipping, it’ll probably be better for your body but dealing with couriers or picking up at delivery centres can drive you insane due to cultural/language differences.

In the end I’d much rather check in my stuff and maintain a strict inventory than courier. A few hours of inconvenience lugging stuff around is better than arriving and having to wait for your stuff to appear later on.

That being said, I know plenty of nomads who carry too much and choose to ship the non-essentials.

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If you’re in a backpacking area, there is likely a left luggage kind of place. I know in Switzerland you can leave stuff at the train station for up to a month. In Spain, many people ship things ahead on the Camino de Santiago and pick it up at the end. I think in general, shipping things will get expensive and seriously annoying. Just take less stuff. You don’t actually need a blender for BPC. Or if you feel you must have one, get a stick blender that is small and easy to pack. (I can’t wait until this BPC fad dies…) for the screen, make due with 1 or use a tablet for a 2nd or depending on how long you’ll be in an area, buy a used one on the ground then sell it again when you leave. There are options. Having been doing this for years, I can tell you the biggest favor you can do for yourself is to not carry unnecessary crap.

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Thanks @grum and @wanderingdev !!

  • Didn’t thought of the language and cultural barrier to be such a problem for dealing with the courier, thanks.
  • Didn’t knew about those “left luggage” kind of place. thanks!

@wanderingdev , you think buying and selling is less problem than shipping my stuff?

IMO, yes.

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Agree with the above. It also depends on how often you’re moving and to which regions. We stay in each location for 2-3 months and typically purchase everything on the local expat marketplace facebook group…then resell it on there when we leave. This has included a blender, kids toys, a motorcycle, second monitors, and grooming kits. If you’re traveling to regions with different wattage, you may end up frying your electronics.

In general, it may be a day’s worth of shopping/fetching but packing up and mailing stuff every move sounds like pain and you won’t always know where to send it prior to the move…then there’s waiting for it to arrive, if it ever does. Besides, I’m willing to bet that you’ll have less “non-indispensable stuff” on your list after about 3 months in. We travel with an eBags mother load, an TLS Professional Weekender, and tiny carry-on for a family of three.

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