Any good coworking + surfing locations?

Anyone been to some nice spots for surfing that have fast internet and coworking offices in SEA?

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Da Nang isn’t terrible, for Vietnam:) internet is fast and cheap when the cable isn’t cut, the waves can be choppy but generally uncrowded, and there’s at least one co-working place (though I haven’t used it.) for a look at the waves.


Santa Teresa, Costa Rica , the internet is 10mb (not super reliable but I manage to work well all the time) . you can surf 365 days a year and never gets over 8 feet, always perfect open waves.

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There are also a growing “digital nomad” scene in surf town in the Mediterranean area in Morocco, Tarifa, Canary Islands etc, with cool coworking spaces

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The waves in Santa Teresa are indeed great; I was there a bit more than a year ago. However, I don’t think there are any coworking places there and I don’t remember any nice cafes from where one could work.

Canggu, in Bali, has a few good breaks (always crowded, but friendly locals) and I think there’s a coworking space there now too

The Canary Islands are very recommendable! Warm weather and waves all year around. As far as I know there are two good coworking spaces:
Gran Canaria:
Kind regards

There’s also the Fuerteventura Hub, which has a coliving space as well. I’m heading there next week and to the Surf Office after that so should be able to provide more details soon

I’m in the Philippines now and haven’t found a coworking + surfing spot here… It seems the surfing spots are far from any major cities and the internet is pretty shit here in general.

I’m thinking to try Bali next, so this time I decided to do some research before hand and made this map of surfing and coworking spots. From what I read the east coast is where the surfing is at during the wet season (now).

Feel free to edit or add to this map

It looks like Sanur is the place to go with 3 nearby coworking spaces:

A handful of places to live on airbnb


shitty philippines coworking + surfing map

vietnam (danang) surfing coworking map

I’m interested in Santa Teresa - what’s the average monthly expenditure? Is it a pricey place to be (i’ve heard Costa Rica is compared to other SA destinations)

I spent a month working in Santa Teresa in September. That’s low season (and rain season). I paid 270 euro through airbnb for a room just 200m from the main surf spot. The internet was actually very good, but there were occasional power outages and the internet tended to die when there was heavy rain. Also the waves were often quite choppy during that time. I’m a beginner surfer so it really wasn’t ideal for me during that time. Food at the restaurants and supermarkets was definitely higher than in other CA countries that I went to, but probably also because it’s a tourist spot with only small supermarkets.

@Riichard It depends, you can get an ok house with internet for $500 by yourself or you could get a shared house for $200 a month.

I recommend to buy a SIM card with 3g (3MB) in case the electricity runs off and the cost is $20 p/month for unlimited data.

Then food you could spend up to $800

With $1500 per month you can live a really good life here and surf every day , 365 days a year literally.

It’s always hot and the place is amazing, I spend about $1200 per month with clean lady, laundry and eating the best food possible but I own a house here so don’t pay rent.

There aren’t many nice cafes to work from, mostly because they are open in nature so is not that comfortable and is hot its the only problem…I work from home always and like it anyways


Lisbon for sure… You have a lot of good coworking places, the best waves in europe and maybe one of the best in the world (check Peniche, Ericeira, Nazaré, Carcavelos, Costa da Caparica… etc). You are in a european capital but you can live very well with 1000USD. Rent a home for 350 easilly and have awesome internet and life quallity.

If you really love to surf, this is the place to be.

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Sayulita, Mexico is really taking off. Great surf all around the area and thanks to some newcomers who set up a dedicated fiber line that they are beaming across town via wifi from their office roof, it’s becoming an ideal spot for remote working. Their office is currently booked up, but we’re working on opening a shared space shortly.


I was living in Cádiz, Spain 2 years and it’s a great place for surfers. I also recommend to see Essaouira, Morocco, it have more surf activities than Cádiz.

The Internet is better in Cádiz than Essaouira.

Coworking in Taghazout: I found this but it seems not so cheap to be in Morocco, for me as a Moroccan 30€ per day is expensive enough. There are alternatives, for example, to rent a Riad outside of the city in Essaouira or Agadir.

Good luck!

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I’ve been in Bali, on the east side in an area called Sanur. Coworking at Kumpul and renting a room in a villa for $500usd for a month. There are lots of surfing spots a quick motorbike ride away.

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North Sydney, up near Bilgola & Palm Beach. Can’t go wrong in this area (other than it being extremely expensive). Beautiful beaches, wonderful people and easy to work from anywhere (for example, Avalon has wi-fi available literally everwhere).

See you in Canggu, Bali :slight_smile:

Antalya is nice ans lots of enjoy around Antalya.Sun+beach+nightlife :slight_smile: