Any Latin nomads here?


Hi! Hola!

the rules are to post in english, so…

I’ve seen much information on blogs, youtube etc, from Americans or 1st world country people. But the information I’ve seen from Latin people is most than anything backpackers, and I would like to know the experience of Latin nomads, since I think there maybe some issues that are different, like racism and that earning an Developed Country equivalent income is way more challenging. And when English is not your native language, trying to understand a Chinese or Indi people speaking english, may be a nightmare.

I would like to know the experience of the Latin people on becoming a nomad and if you feel there is any difference or special barrier to overcome, and how did you faced them.

would appreciate any comments :slight_smile:

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Hola, hermano Chileno!! I’m a 3D Designer from Argentina, and I travel a lot., Currently in Chiang Mai. Not sure if I was lucky, but I never found any obstacles. When it comes to traveling, for instance, being from Argentina actually gave me lots of advantages, since there are hundreds of countries that I can visit without the need of a visa (I love the fact that I can spend 90 days in Thailand, Russia and the EU without a visa!).
Regarding income, I never had any problems, I earn enough to travel comfortably without making any sacrifices, and without the need of working more than 30hs a week. I do have issues with clients that sometimes think they can negotiate the price and pay me less because I’m not from a developed country, but once again, I’m lucky enough to be able to choose who I work for.
Racism was also never an issue, note even in Russia, where police can be quite annoying with foreigners in the streets.
I’m aware there’s not a lot of information about nomading in spanish, that’s why I started a blog, but it’s mostly targeted to Argentinians who want to become freelancers (in the past few years it was very hard for us to receive payments from clients from abroad, so I write about the best ways to do that).
What was your experience? Did you have any of these issues?


Hola @Voskovek !
I’m going nomad on January, so I don’t have any experience to share yet.

Thanks for sharing your experience. :slight_smile:

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Im Brazilian


Hola @chelocoach, we started our trip 7 months ago, we did 7 months in Europe (Spain, Croatia, Serbia) and we just arrived to Thailand. We never had any discrimination issue.
Related to the income, we have the same income that we had in Argentina (100% freelance work for americans and europeans), is more than enough for the moment, I use Payoneer mainly.
Like @Voskovek said, Argentinian passport is great, we don’t need visa for a lot of countries, idk if is the same with the Chilean passport, you can check that in wikipedia and confirm with the embassies websites.
About the language we didn’t had any problem, the more problematic place was Serbia. We just arrived to Bangkok, is difficult to understand the Thai english but I think that we are going to get used to the accent (and I think that is difficult for everyone, not only latins)
There are a lot of good travel blogs and vlogs in spanish, mainly from Spanish people, but there are some latins too.
This guy has very good articles and he has a list of other travel blogs.
And Alan is not a digital nomad but has some awesome travel tips and very good videos
This is a friend’s group, for freelancers and digital nomads

Mucha suerte!