Any nomads in Europe want to do a Nomad Christmas gathering somewhere?

Hi Nomads!

Like many, I’m not heading back to be with my family for the holidays but I was thinking it would be fun to maybe do a nomad family gathering. We could rent a cool house/apartment somewhere fun and do our own thing. I personally am available from 23-27 December, but people could arrive/leave sooner/later. I love to cook so I’d be up for doing a big christmas dinner.

If anyone is interested, or has suggestions on a good place to go, chime in! :smile:


I’m 100% down; I’ll be back in Europe for the last two weeks of the year unexpectedly.

I was toying with the idea of heading up to Kiruna in the Laplands for a real xmas experience, but could be persuaded elsewhere since that probably won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

This is a really nice idea :slight_smile: Too bad not able to join :confused:

Nice idea! It’s too soon for me to know where I’m going to be on dec 23-27, but I’ll be in Europe most probably.
What are these nice ideas you’ve got?

Hey all! I’m open for ideas, but while Lapland sounds amazing, I neither have the clothes for it, nor do I want to buy them. :slight_smile: I’ve been toying with the idea of Venice (which is supposed to be deserted during christmas) or Split which is inexpensive and apparently has a lot going on and there will be some other nomads around at the time.

If you are into discovering new places -> Matese (100km from Naples):

It’s a mountain area, national park, east of Naples, famous for caves. Highest mountain is 2000m. It snows a lot in winter. It should be easy enough to get a resort in the mountains. People there are still not used to tourists.


So I’m looking at flights and so far it seems like Munich or Budapest are going to be my best options. I was seriously looking at Split, but just getting there would cost $200+ and then i have to get on to my final destination, so not a financially viable solution. :smile:

Anyone interested in heading to or already in those areas?

I just decided on Portugal (Lisbon or Porto) for this time period, if anyone is around!

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Hey! Flixbus has been introduced in Italy and has many routes offered with 1€ (single route). I’ll probably spend Christmas around Italy because of that and I’m in favour of that proposal for Matese! In generally, I’m kinda new to this, so I’d be more than happy to meet more nomads and get inspired by your stories :smile:

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I could do northern Italy. prices from southern italy are too $$. Bologna, Venice, Verona, Bergamo…

Are you interested in a Nomad Christmas Gathering this year?

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I wonder if people did really meet last year for a christmas gathering. I’m down for an Italian Christmas too.

Why is Lapland in Finland a genuine experience? Because of the snow?

I am thinking of Grenoble. You can fly to either Lyon or Marseille or Frankfurt and take a cheap bus there.

Very beautiful.

I run a coliving space in Javea / Spain and we’re organazing a Digital Nomad Christmas Gathering :slight_smile:
So, feel more than welcome to join us!

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Why is Lapland in Finland a genuine experience? Because of the snow?

Because it’s North and you’re a badass if you go there in winter :slight_smile:

Hey folks, I just received this invite from Sun and co (I visited earlier this year) and remembered this thread - they seem to be organising a Christmas get together, check it out - !
Can’t recommend them enough, great space and great people.