Any nomads in Sofia?

I am in Sofia 6 to 15 of November, anybody there would like to meet over a coffee?

I am still on a full time job, but I am taking this week off to be there and check things with my brother who lives now in Sofia and has a small company there (mostly sales representative).

I am a business finance guy, worked almost 5 years in a multinational so far, planning to stop soon (months, a year maybe). I can code and write easy web apps. But I am mostly interested in improving reporting for businesses/companies - better excel workflows and reports, better custom software, better processes, training.

I am also into kayak and bike trips. This year we did a Sweden to Finland kayak crossing through Aland. If you are fascinated by the North or by human fueled means of transportation, we should meet.

Ahoy, kfk!
I am a Sofia resident (when not traveling) and right now I am here. I am into web design and branding, and do freediving and hiking every chance I get, still not very experienced in kayaking, so would love to hear stories. Drop me a message with your free time and if you would like to see/do something in particular (home mountain, coworking spaces, local food or coders, etc.) that i might be able to help with so we can arrange something. FYI there is this event in Sofia tomorrow and it is free:

Hey @kfk + @dianabaz! You can use my new trip planner:, enter your trips there and you’ll see who’ll be there at your dates.