Any nomads up for skiing and a co-living experiment in Canada?

Hi guys,
I’ve been traveling for awhile now and lately I’ve been dreaming of heading back to Canada for the 2016/17 winter season (Dec-Mar?). Namely of spending a ski season in Nelson, BC, a mountain town I lived in a few years ago.

Nelson, BC is known for the most amazing powder. The small resort at Whitewater is very accessible (about 20 minutes outside of town) and in close proximity to slack and backcountry skiing. Nelson is also located near the Powder Highway and is accessible to a lot of other well known powder spots.

Have you ever dreamed of being a “ski bum” for a season? Of skiing in the morning and working in the afternoon? Of attempting a co living experiment with other working, professional type nomads who share your passion and lifestyle?

What I know about co living I have learned from research around co working and it seems like the next logical step (to me). Have you heard of 20Mission in San Francisco? Or one of the other co living proposals in this forum? The experiment part is to see who would commit and what amazing projects and ideas might come out of such a space. In my experience, when I travel, there is something missing out of the places I stay. Either I get lonely or distracted by holiday makers and other travellers. I sometimes struggle to find a work space where I feel productive as well as engaged and would like to explore this as a solution. Work AND ski everyday? Be creative and productive where I live? Sounds pretty close to living the dream to me.

Some extras about Nelson:
Think white winter. Silence, snow covered trees and streets. Fireplace.
There are hot springs close by.
This is no ordinary small town, there’s a very diverse population.
This town is an organic, clean living mecca, or the opposite if that’s what you seek.
There are many opportunities to engage in the community, be it volunteering, participating in clubs or groups.

Thinking about it, I would put down three requirements;
Desire to ski
Working nomad
Long(ish) term stay (eg: a month?)

The idea is to rent a house with a group of committed individuals and see what happens. Will a type of community be fostered and emerge? How can we co-create it?

If I have piqued your interested and you want to join me, learn more or keep in touch, let me know. This post is meant to give me an idea of whether there is any interest in this idea.


Maybe March after winter in SE Asia… would 1 month drop in be possible? Keep us posted!

I usually spend the Northern Hemisphere ski season in the Alps, but this sounds like it could be really fun. I would be delighted to be kept in the loop.

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It is what we make it. I’m thinking 1 month drop in should work, if a commitment can be made. It might look like a deposit and sign up to a calendar for example. Any thoughts?

Awesome, will keep you posted!

My buddy and I are interested, let’s stay in touch. Email me at dylansirg at gmail

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Are snowboarders welcome? :slight_smile:

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I am definitely interested! I was thinking about heading to the South Americas from Aug/Sept, but I guess I’m in for one or two months up north there.

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Of course! What you do on your own time is your business… :grin:

Awesome. A group is shaping up!

Time for step two.
I think the easiest way to organize this is for everyone to put the dates they want into the spreadsheet.

I’ve organized it into months since in Canada rentals always start from the first of the month.
For planning, it will be easier to commit to the months you want. We can figure out out extra time (maybe you want to stay an extra couple of weeks in March, and you have committed to February) depending on who wants what dates as we get closer to the season.

I will start to look for housing in September (that’s when the winter rentals typically come on the market) so we have a second to populate this calendar.

As ever, if you have questions, want to get in on this, or have a better idea, reply to this post!



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I’ll be in Canada looking for a house in September, so lots of time to express interest and commit. Keep it coming!

I’m potentially interested for February/March :slight_smile:

(Edit: March/April probably more convenient, actually.)

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Yay, another woman!

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I am interested in Dec-Jan.

Great, I’ll keep you posted.

Me too Jan-March :slight_smile:

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I could be interested in a month or two! Any time next year between January and March I’d think. I saw the spreadsheet link, but only 2 names are on it. Is that still how you want to organize it? If so, I’ll add myself .

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