Any Nomad's want to live in Austin; April, May or June?

Have been working hard to do my part to solve this nomad housing problem and finally launched Nomad Pad! They say sometimes a drop in bucket can lead to an ocean, so let’s see where this goes. I was able to convince an Airbnb homeowner to unlist her property and dedicate it to the project for the months of April, May and June! There is currently 2 room booked for all of April, from a web worker from San Fransisco & Grayson, meaning there are 2 more beds to claim. We would need an online commitment to stay, and could collect the payment through Stripe 2 weeks prior to stay, but without further ado, The Austin Pad!

Located at South Second and Mary street (, literally a 5 minute walk to South Congress, a really special part of Austin. Nice big table for coworking, wifi, fully furnished, in unit washer/dry, all utilities included. It’s a 3 bedroom, 4 bed, with 2 bathrooms. Elijah Wood is our neighbor and we’re working to throw events with Capital Factory (two great locate cowork spaces/incubators) in the garage haha.

Monthly rent: $1,000 (private)
Weekly rent: $400

My goal with Nomad Pad is to create the most comfortable, fun and helpful environment possible. I’ve been a nomad for 6 years, and know what little things can help when moving to a new city. I want the focus to be on personal growth, becoming stronger business owners and really connecting with the nomads of the house! If we get Austin right, it’s a step towards creating a global network of hotel/hostel/houses that serve the nomad community with flexible short-term booking, concierge services and a great community behind it!

Support at, and stay up with the adventures at, and

The goal is to get one Pad right, and then grow as the community dictates.

Excited to see you guys in Austin!!