Any nomads working on startups?

Hoping to see all the cool stuff people are working on while they live an extraordinary life.

I wouldn’t call it a startup but I just launched a new product I built over the weekend - Nomad SMS. It’s difficult to know when something should be labeled a ‘startup’ - I find it easier just to look at things as projects. I guess it makes failure more acceptable to me :smile:

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There is this good quote by Mig Reyes from 37signals, “When everything’s an experiment, you shed the fear that comes with trying new things. And that sounds like a better way to grow and learn.”

Wow, in a weekend!? Looks like an amazing fix to a huge problem while traveling. I love it! How’s the growth so far?

Haha, cheers! It’s good, 10 or so new users. Mainly the response has been great, leading to the idea feeling very validated. Now time to reiterate everything and provide some more value :smile:

So what about you @mattlock - share with us what you are working on!

@bryceadams did a great job with his startup. i hate monthly payment services and try to avoid them as much as possible, but I’m considering using his service then i justify it’s value for me .

I’m an IT engineer that tries to prove that I can do something besides IT. And i’m currently working on these: -> that’s my creative gateway and hope it will be yours at some point too :smiley: -> it’s not really a business, it’s more of a charity project. The goal is to deliver magic and laughter to kids who don’t have access to it, but that’s not all. I’m more of techy guy in a team, who is doing sound/gadget/video editing/development kind of things :smile:

I’m considering my next project to be more tech savvy :slight_smile:

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@skat not to derail but try hold off a few days as I’m working with a new supplier to reduce prices like 50% :smile:

Nice projects! I’d definitely check out the retreat if I wasn’t leaving Thailand soon. Good luck with everything!

@bryceadams I agree with @skat that the monthly might be a bit of a nuance, I would imagine if you position it as a yearly price, it might seem more valuable for the user.

I’m currently helping out some startups around the world, one being zeplin, who are working to streamline design/development communication for companies. Bindez, a myanmar search engine. And lastly, I’m a co-founder of an international placement program called The GO Project..

@skat looks great, I’m with Bryce, the retreat looks awesome. The magiccircus is a great initiative. Hoping the best for both! :slight_smile:


Launched - Unlimited design tasks for a set price- 3 months ago as a side project after reading the 7 day startup by Dan Norris and its been doing good for additional side income, trying to find a co-founder to develop the idea further and take it to the next level.

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I’ve got one cooking that should be launching in a few months with a “minimum viable product.” Not sure anyone here would be interested, but I’ll let y’all know when it’s ready. It’s a “legal zoom” type of service specifically tailored for game and mobile app developers.

Interesting idea @hodaraadam. I’ve been helping, it might help you with streamlining design communication and implementation. How has the growth been?

That’s awesome! Best of luck, @alawyerabroad. :smile: Please share when you’re out of stealth.

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Just added my email to! .
I went live only a week ago after building a “hacked” backend and the email list with betalist and other methods and got my first paying clients, the interesting thing is that the few clients that joined are using it and requesting changes almost daily and they are really happy (emailed to thank me , etc)

Now need to think of how to scale with some content marketing that is not my forte so looking to partner with someone , if anybody knows of someone that might have free time and want to work on it together?

@hodaraadam where are you based out of, and how much time commitment are you looking for? I could help or I know some people that might be able to. Let me know, and best of luck!

Hey @mattlock I am in Costa Rica right now, I am kind of looking for someone to complement what I don’t have so ideally would be someone like a partner/co founder but any help is welcome right now, do you or someone you know has experience with content marketing/guest posting/outreach? I can also pay a salary but ideally would be someone that is all invested in and go 50-50 or something of this sort.


I’m the nomadic 25% of BitGym. The rest of my cofounding team is based in California where I worked with them till November 2013 when I took off being nomadic. So the company has been around a while and is a bit mature, but we’re still a tiny team, which lets me keep all the flexibility to have my nomadic lifestyle. If anyone is in the fitness or nature-videographing industry, hit me up!

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I’ve been building a web & mobile development studio in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for the past year. Currently have 10 awesome developers and looking to hire 15+ by the end of 2015!

Currently redesigning the site: demo

This is awesome! How did you get started? I’m in Myanmar and I’m trying to develop an app. I’ve already designed the ui/ux but looking for an engineering partner. Maybe we can chat about how your studio and I could work with one another?

is this 8bit? If it is, I’m already a fan! different business, but have you seen the app Pretty much my new addiction.

I have background in growth hacking, I could help you with your strategy. A lot of time for blogs and guest posting is that you just have to write it up and then sell the blogs and etc on it. Most places are starving for content, so if it fits their frame, they’ll usually add it. Which is a win for you.


Het Matt, I might ask you for a growth hacking advice soon :wink:

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