Any nomads working or have worked from Koh Samui?

We built a waterside villa on Koh Samui with its own enterprise grade leased-line fiber optic connection from UIH which gives 25M/25M. Worked well during the 2 months we recently spent there. Interested to know if anyone has worked from Samui and what their experiences are with other internet providers and if they would recommend working from Samui to others in the future ? How was the work life balance ? Good experience or bad ?

I just left Samui… I stayed there a while with friends or in hotels. I like Samui as you can find everything, party, nature, good food and everything you need to be happy. I’ll come back for sure.
Internet was fast and good. even in restaurants or at beach restaurants. but mostly I use my cellphone with my Thai SIM 4G to work.

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I was there 2 years ago. As DHunter said, it is a nice place, comparing with the other islands Samui is much bigger and you have almost everything you will need. Internet was pretty good, locals were also very friendly and if you are into parties, then there are big nightclubs. The other pro is that you have an airport in the island, so it is really easy to move around. Prices in the island very also decent.

I don’t remember any co-working space, but I am sure there must be some.

I’m heading to Samui in a week and will be there for a few months at least. This villa sounds interesting, have you left now? @jedizippy007


Yes its now up for rental on airbnb since about 3 weeks ago. Amazing response. You can see it here. Its out for short term rentals currently but depending on dates and if no bookings a longer term one could be an option. 10 bookings in 3 weeks it seems its popular or the internet is making it interesting for people. The first review is rather nice in that regard :smile:

Thanks. Good to know. It looks like its all positive on the feedback here and elsewhere. I wish I could work full time from samui !

Looks amazing, but not sure what this has to do with nomads really. Other than it has internet? You are trying to sell it as a work retreat place or something? For nomads, who would want maybe 1-2 months (so 330K per month), thats 55K baht per month with 6 people sharing. For over £1000 per month in Thailand, I’m not looking to share a place!

I was thinking of nomads but airbnb now looks a much better option. Having said that most of the nomads I know are not looking to live on a shoestring and earn good money. I am not targeting backpackers.

Clearly. Short term, its a splurge. Long term, its £6K+ per month on rent, which is not a sound financial investment, for anyone, nomad or backpacker.

Thanks for your opinion :wink: This has gone off topic from the original question so we can end the discussion here on that. It was not advertised on this forum. The responses to the original question have though proved useful.

I’ve been on Samui a couple of times. By myself or dragging along my company Mobile Jazz. We’ve written a full post about our experience with a lot of useful information here:

Happy to answer any additional questions.

Hi Stefan,

I am planning to go to Smaui with my company called Codemind. We are a bit bigger team of a 10-12 people, so any recommmendations for accommodations would be of great help?

I found these on airbnb but i am not sure about their locations:

I would love to hear your opinion on those villas locations.