Any opinions on where to live in Spain?

I am thinking about living in Spain a few months but do not know much about it. Any advice would be appreciated.

You cannot really go wrong in any city in Spain. Much depends on the weather you want, your budget, how cosmopolitan you want it. Barcelona is of course the darling of Nomads but can be way too crowded much of the year. Valencia is an alternative and has better weather. Malaga or Granada are good spots too, then you have the Canaries if you want year round summer. I could go on and on! Maybe give some clues as to what you are looking for e.g. need to be by the ocean, smaller cities etc?

Thank you so much. Being by the ocean would be amazing. Obviously I not looking to blow my budget. At the same time I do want to be able to get a proper apartment if I am there for a month or more. I am afraid to commit to a location that is not good because I do not know the area. But at the same time, that is why we go! because we want to experience a new place :slight_smile:

My honest opinion is that if you go for a place that doesnt have many foreigners, you might feel isolated in Spain. The Spanish tend to have close knit social circles that might be hard to breach as an outsider. That’s my experience of living in smaller, less cosmopolitan cities, but that might just be me!

On the basis I’d be looking at Seville, Granada, Malaga, Valencia, Alicante or Barcelona. Madrid is great, but you are a long way from the sea and it’s expensive.

San Sebastian is cool, especially if you like a surf, but it is probably more expensive than anywhere I have mentioned.

I have spent a fair bit of time in Valencia and it is a good balance between being international and provincial. Just avoid Fallas festival as it’s crazy busy and most expats escape for the week!

Hi @joejuter, Alzira is a nice, suny and quiet place to live. It’s in Mediterranean sea. And there is a nice coworking there as well. Good Luck!

I’m from Valencia and I think it has everything you need: Not too big not too small, A little startup scene, cheap rental, accessible and easy to move, beach, real Paellas, culturally rich, good weather and the best thing, it’s super close to Javea where you can visit our coliving space :wink:
Good luck!

Granada. It’s beautiful, inexpensive (you get a free tapas with the purchase of any drink!), the Sierra Nevada mountain range is spectacular and far outweighs the benefits of living close to a beach, IMO. Clean, modern but authentic with a good assortment of tourists and expats.

Just landed in Madrid a few weeks ago and love it so far. It’s a chill big city with plenty to do without it being overwhelming. Not too crowded, friendly people, beautiful city and pretty affordable as well. If you’re planning on staying for a few months, you won’t be bored here :slight_smile:

I suppose that at leats you have some preferences about the weather, do you like the warms days or do you prefer rainy weather? Depends on that, you can choose between south or noth of Spain. Do you like big cities or medium large?

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We just arrived in Cadiz, the town of Rota. We’re paying $1500/month for a three bedroom, two bath condo with a secure parking garage and pool about 3 minutes walk to the beach. Every window has beach views. It’s quiet here, very few people speak english. Not a lot of cafes to work in but the apartment has wifi and cable TV. I think there’s more DN’s in the town of Cadiz, I hope…