Any Ph.D students dissertating while a digital nomad?

Anyone know of any groups or resources for Ph.D. students working on dissertation while living as a digital nomad? I know there are several virtual writing groups around, but wondered if there were any specifically for digital nomads, particularly those who are dissertating.


I am wrapping up my masters and have spent a significant portion of the last two years traveling while doing it. I’m older, in my 40s, probably not representative.

I’m considering going into a PhD quite possibly in Italy. In the way I’ll be tied to one place for several years but in another way I’ve never been to Italy. :slightly_smiling_face: there are other programs, I haven’t made up my mind yet. But I’ve heard he had some international discussions that were encouraging there.

I’m also a master’s student (not PhD) from the US and studying in Hong Kong, but I’ve spent almost 9 mo. out of my two year degree on the road. That is, after the coursework got finished I took off and only came back when I really needed to (which also happens to be right now, unfortunately).

I’m currently working on my startup (infloproject dot com), but until that starts earning money I’ll have to find another way to sustain myself, so I’m considering going for PhD. I figure it’s a perfect way to buy time while also building knowledge/skills (as opposed to taking a job somewhere), but the thing I’m not sure I’ll be able to handle would be staying in one place for a full 4-5yrs. So, that being said, I’d also love to hear more answers to this question!

Hi! Just joined Nomad List and found this topic. Trying to do the same here. Just wrapping up my MSc in London and wondering if there is a chance to do a PhD while travelling, as a Research study? Do you maybe Know of anyone who has done that?