Any tips for renting a one month apartment in Bangkok for under $500/month?

I’m moving to Bangkok in November, and shooting to find an apt. with wifi for under $500 / month, for probably just a one month stay.

More curious about which neighborhoods to look for, something lively and fun as well. And any methods too, I’ve been looking at Airbnbs but get the feeling that it’s a little inflated on there.


Hm… Its always hard finding something like that - especially in Bangkok and plus in November when everyone is coming to celebrate and see Loy Krathong.
I would recommend you to check
this is the place i used to stay when i moved to Bkk - and it looks waaaaay nicer now! (also prices are higher but trust me finding a place in Bkk that you can rent monthly is so so hard)

Also live and fun neighborhoods are Ari, ThongLo (my favourite) , Ekamai, Prakhanong (closer to the BTS) Asok and Silom.

Hope this helps a bit!

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Nice - thank you, sure does. Didn’t realize a festival is coming up. Thanks for the link, place looks great actually, will definitely check it out in my first couple days there.

Short term rentals (less than 6 or even 3 months) are a little hard to find in Bangkok. Doable, but for one month not worth the effort. Best you look for an AirBnB, short term serviced apartment or get a monthly deal at a Hotel/Hostel.
My tip: Keep an open mind to more outlying areas (ie not Sukhumvit). As long as you are close to the trains, you’re golden. And the cultural experience will be more authentic too.

Check out for apartments.

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Thanks Jules - I’ve been debating downtown vs somewhere farther, could you recommend any neighborhoods that would be alright for a non native speaker?

Your main concern will be finding something for such a short term. As I said, strongly consider hotels and AirBnBs. It’ll take a week anyway to get your bearings, visit condos, sign a contract, deposit the security…

Language is always somewhat of an issue. Less so in places geared directly towards foreigners, that will also be more expensive. Be patient, persistant, smile a lot. And don’t commit from abroad without having seen the place.

For apartments: I am partial to the area between MRT stations Lat Phrao and Phahon Yothin. But the other side of the river along the BTS and BRT lines could be worth checking out.

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