Any tips on renting a place in Ubud with decent Internet?

I’m looking to rent a place for 3 months (or longer) that has relatively fast, reliable Internet.

I know this is Ubud we’re talking about, but I’m not requiring Korea-like speeds. Anything that around 1MBps (= 4 to 8 megabits per second) and upload-speeds of around 100kbps (± megabits per second) will suffice, as long as it’s stable.

Can anyone point me in the right direction and/or offer up any tips?
My plan thus far is to contact airbnb owners directly and ask for rates + a screenshot of their internet speeds.

I’m not on a tight budget, so I’m willing to spend a bit more.

Thanks so much! : )

Definitely possible. Find somewhere that can either be connected to Biznet ( or Telkom Indihome. Both fibre connections that can deliver up to 100mb (but crazy expensive). Getting a 6mb connection works fine for us.

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Villa Bhuana Alit

Didn’t have to turn on our mobile hotspot the month that we were there. Quiet and a dude plays the gamelan every night. Walking distance into town. Banjar with a lot of Balinese ceremonies right down the alley.


So as to answer my own question:

There’s a FB group called ‘Ubud Community’. Join and place a request for a long-term apartment (describe kind of apt you’re looking for, price indication, etc). Make sure you have a decent looking FB profile. This is how I eventually found my apartment.

An alternative is to go the Airbnb route. Some tips:

  • Most of the ‘owners’ on Airbnb are just middle men, because everyone in SEA is a middle man :wink: Request an appointment, check out the place, and discuss pricing with the actual person showing you the apartment. You should get it for a lot cheaper than the asking price on Airbnb (maybe even 100% cheaper).