Anybody around Europe over the next few months?

Hi All

So… a few months ago when I was in Asia, for some reason I decided that it was gonna be too hot over the summer months and I wanted to mix it up with a few months touring Europe. So I had the idea to buy and RV and drive round for a few months.

Meet Teagan :slight_smile:

It’s taken a few months going through the process of getting my license to drive the RV, because it’s so large it wasn’t covered on my standard driving license. Add to that, I had some solar panels fitted for unlimited power, and a massive satellite dish for internet wherever I go.

I’ve now got my ferry booked out of the UK for September 11th and at the moment have no plans past the first few weeks.

Has anyone on here done anything similar before? Any places recommended, or anyone around Europe over the next few months?

I’m doing about 3 months worth before heading to Vegas for NYE and around the states for a few months after that before back to Asia for a bit.

Hi Paul,

That is so cool. I was thinking a few times that it might be nice to get an RV and go through the Europe, so it would be very interesting to find out how your journey went :slight_smile:

May I ask what an RV like this costs? So jealous! :slight_smile:

Hey Lena

Sure… not the cheapest, but I’m glad I’m doing it. I’ll be keeping the RV for quite some time, so a good investment. Plus I can always sell if I need to!

The RV it’s self cost £12,800.
(a new tyre on the first drive because I had a flat on the motorway :weary: £150)
Insurance for the year: £1,200
Satellite Internet system: £3,500 + £700 for a yearly subscription. Chalking this up to a business asset/expense as being connected is essential to me working.
Solar panel, new leisure batteries, charging system: £800
Major service and install of the solar panel and sat system: £3,500. This was waaaay more than I thought it was going to be. Some major costs were: 6 new tyres, all new brakes, oil, filters, habitation service. And the installation of the electrics.
Other bits, like lightbulbs, kitchen equipment, etc: around £300-£400. I have reciepts for everything but havent added everything up.

In all, about £22,500. Quite a bit, and more than I initially expected to spend when I first had the idea. I was looking at something smaller, nothing more than £5,000. But the more and more I looked into things I wanted something a bit roomier and something I could make my own.

Some I’ve seen around the same size, condition, and age, come in over the 20k mark, so I’m still quite pleased with everything.

Tons extra I want to do. The interior is very early 2000’s and Im not a fan. Some much needed modernisation is needed, but I’d figure I should drive it around first and get my first tour done before deciding what I want to change.

Less than a week to go now. This time next week I’ll be a few hundred miles deep into France, on the way to see my family in southern Spain!

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Thanks :smiley: A travel blog is on the agenda.

I really need to pull my finger out and get something sorted. Personal work always seems to be the last on the agenda. I’ll be devoting some time to getting my own stuff sorted soon :slight_smile:

Yes, share once you have something :slight_smile:

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Damn, that’s a great read!
That guy really went all out. I’d love to build one from scratch. Maybe in a few years. I’ve definitely got a taste for it.

I definitely love mixing it up a bit though… first part of the year was in Asia, second part of the year has been summer at home, the final part of the year will be driving round Europe. Next year is already looking pretty full with plenty of places to see :smile:

Hi Paul,

How did your travels in RV went?

It’s been great. Coming to the end of the trip now. Only 9 days left until my ferry back to the UK. And I have to say, I’m quite looking forward to a break…

A few thoughts on the trip…

France > Spain > Portugal > Spain > France > Italy > France. About 5,000 miles covered! Some amazing places visited. Great scenery, great cities, great people. That said…

I definitely chose the wrong time of year to do this. My original plan was to spend the summer months in Europe, but the delay in the driving licence process pushed this way back. It’s not summer anymore.

Most places I visit are extremely quiet. You could either look at this as both an upside and downside. The places have been beautiful, but there are is a definite lack of people to talk to. Outside of the bigger cities, the language barrier is obvious. I’ve visit some of these places before in high season, and you’re never short of a tourist or twenty. It’s massively arrogant of me to assume people should speak English, so a definite self improvement topic dig deeper into a new language or two.

I’m not one for the cold, and the weather has taken a pretty harsh turn in the past few weeks. Thankfully I have plenty of work to get on with at the moment, so I’m not too worried about the endless rainy days. The nights get a bit cold, so the heating is on quite a bit.

The effect of Brexit has been felt almost every day. Not from any of the Europeans, but things got more expensive day by day when you compare the exchange rate. It’s taken a bit of a turn since the US Election, so there’s at least one thing to thank the Donald for. Fuel is the biggest expense, and there is no standard for pricing. Some of it is just price gouging, it’s ridiculous. Before I left, I set myself a goal of visiting a few countries. On a repeat trip, I’d cut the amount of time down massively and go at a much slower pace.

It’s something I’d do again, but it would be great to do it with someone. It’s not like regular nomadic trips where you’re in the city, or around people to interact with. You’re limited to the places you can drive, and park up. Some places have been convenient with a short walk or hopping on public transport into the city, but some places are quite far out of the way. It makes it kind of isolated at times.

Now, I’m ready for a trip back home to spend Christmas with friends and family. I’m back in the UK on the 2nd of December. Then I’ve got a friends birthday trip to Vegas for New Years Eve followed by a road trip around California for a few weeks, as if I haven’t done enough driving this year! After that, back to SEA for some much needed sun.

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What was your strategy for parking your home, especially during the night? Did you use some shopping mall parking spaces, or something like that.