Anybody in Slovenia?

Hey everybody!

This is a long shot, but I am happily settled in my Airbnb in Maribor, Slovenia, for the next 2 months (until mid-September 2016) and just wondered if there were any other nomads nearby?

It’s a very chilled out place – just what I need at the moment – though any company is appreciated!

Give me a shout if you’re nearby…

Jo :slight_smile:

Hey out of interest what kind of place did you find on Airbnb, and for what approx price range, if you don’t mind me asking? When I looked at Slovenia on there a while ago (around a year, which I guess is ages for something as quickly-growing as Airbnb), the coverage was pretty thin and the sticker prices pretty crazy.

I don’t mind you asking! Airbnb is getting pretty expensive, especially compared to local rents, and especially as a Brit earning £ and spending mostly €!

But I got a gem. It’s a 1-bed flat in a tower block in Maribor, separate bedroom, lounge with huge desk & super-fast broadband, kitchen, bathroom & balcony. 11th floor with amazing views. And it’s 50% off if you stay a month so it worked out as c.£550 monthly, which I’m happy to pay. It’s a chilled city, just what I need after a busy month at a music festival and travel blogging conference. Space to work (and a free coworking spot nearby if I want a change of scene) and lots of green spaces to walk and chill out in. Pretty happy with my lot :smiley:

Nice! Sounds like a win. Hope you have a good couple months!