Anybody with a software consultancy having issues finding clients while travelling?

I recently started running a software consultancy in the UK that specialises in MVP development and onboarding/marketing strategies. I found it relatively easy to get leads by attending networking events (quite a lot here in Edinburgh).

I plan to start travelling soon, though. Has anybody tried to travel while running a software consultancy? I’m really curious to find out how you handled finding new clients while doing that. Let’s say that if I go networking somewhere in Asia I won’t find clients willing to spend much on a project (and can’t just pay my employees less because I can’t find good paying projects).

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Curious to hear some experiences from the folks in the forum :slight_smile:

I’m running the same kind of company in last 3 years and it didn’t affect much when I was travelling. At Dwarves Foundation, I setup a marketing channel and most of my clients come from that. I treat the offline channel as the optional one. You should think about that. Building a good presence in the internet will help us a lot as a nomad.

I actually found it impossible, but I was trying to start while traveling which was the big mistake I think - plus I did not have an online presence. Once I got back to London and found a few clients happy for me to work remotely it wasn’t a problem, but I have to stay within a few timezones of London.

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Definitely establishment of online marketing and sales channels would be paramount for such setup.

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