Anyone (almost) exclusively traveling in Latin America?

Is there anyone around who spends most of their time in Latin America? After short trips to Peru earlier this year, I’ve now come back to Lima to stay for another three months and will then head to Buenos Aires. Lima will be kind of my home base but I aim to explore as much as possible of Latin America in the next couple of years. No interest in Asia, Africa or North America and no intention to go back to Europe.


Hi Daniela
I am also like you, From Europe (Czech rep.) but in love with LA. I currently live in Cuba but from December I am planning to stay few months in Panama, Colombia and maybe also Nicaragua.
If you want to visit these places, let me know.
Hasta luego

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I will definitely spend my time in Latin America for the foreseeable future! :smiley:

I spent a bunch of time out in Asia early on and was a great place to meet DNs, share ideas, connect, etc. But honestly Latin America is 1000x more exciting to me in terms of culture, music, food, people, etc.

Plus I deal with companies in the U.S., being in the same time-zone has been a game-changer for my productivity and sanity!

Currently in Mexico. Will return to Medellin, Colombia for the last quarter of 2017 (spent time there before and loved it!). Then on to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil for the first quarter of 2018.

Was just in Havana and found the internet situation impossible. How do you manage?

Hi Daniela,

been traveling between Europe , Oceania and SEA back and forth for 3-4 years.
Last year i decided to hit back Latin America, first time i was on travel it was in 05-06 (there were almost no digital nomads, nomads yes!). And i’m loving it again. Its less dense population wise than Asia, wider and somehow wilder (more adventour), also culturally better FIT here (being of italian/latin origin). If you handle well the language that’s another plus.

Currently in love with Mexico (Guadalajara-Jalisco), I have been in Mexico for 1 year now, no other latin American country draws me more than where i am. Combination of prices, food, culture, friendliness… Previously i was in Brasil, Argentina, Paraguay, Guatemala. I’m more of a settled nomad so to say, which means I prefer to stay 12-15 months in one country / city and get to know it really well.

Possible next destinations? :slight_smile: I’d like to travel fast trough Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and then settle in Ecuador (Loja,Cuenca) for another 1 1/2 years!

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Hi Daniela, I’m actually doing that, for now I’ll be traveling through SA for the rest of the year and probably early 2018, I started in April in Chile, then Argentina, Paraguay and now I just arrived to Brazil, I was planning to stay longer in the different countries, but while I was in Valparaíso I got an idea and started a Youtube channel with videos about the food of the places I stay in. So I decided to stay in the countries for 2-3 months in average. After Brazil, I’m planning to go to Bolivia, Perú, Ecuador and Colombia, to keep recording the videos for my project. To finally finish in Mexico, probably in the Yucatán peninsula area. Hoping to cross paths with other fellow nomads.


Nice! I settled in Puerto Vallarta where I opened Vallarta CoWork with some friends. I LOVE GDL as well and spend as much time there as possible. Do you ever make it to the coast?

Hi! I should come visit you, craving some pool and sun time. November my flat contract is out and I’m currently planning next moves, from the sounds Puerto Vallarta could be on my list !