Anyone been Pakistan, Lahore?

My friend is going to Pakistan for 3 weeks and I was thinking to join.
Anyone been there?
And is it safe to travel around with passport stamped in Pakistan?
I don’t want people to think I’m trying to join some illegal movement, in short I don’t even want to get in a situation where I need to explain myself.
Even I met few people from Pakistan while traveling, kind of feels like it’s not really most desired Country.

There are risks. Pakistan has active radical groups, Taliban and others, and both the Pakistani army & US-led forces are using live ammo extensively as well. Lahore is some distance from the really crazy areas, but almost certainly not completely safe.

I was in Lahore back in the 1970s & thought it a very fine place.

A nearby place that is almost certainly worth a visit:

Depending on where you travel too after going to PK, you might have to explain yourself. As a Canadian, if I were to come back through US, they would ask me a lot of questions.
I know you’re from Croatia though, and not sure if they would care (if you’re even going back there after PK). I’ve found Euro customs is quite lite in terms of asking where you’ve been, etc. But that’s just personal experience