Anyone has experience surfing in Cadiz, Spain?


Anyone here has experience with surfcamps / surfcourses / surfhostels in Cadiz?

And even more important, anyone wants to join or is already there? :smile:

edit: some more info
Was thinking of staying for a week (but who knows, maybe i’ll add a week). Am currently staying in Sevilla.
And planning to go first or 2nd week of Feb


Cadiz town is alright but you wont find as much there in the way of surf schools etc… Head south, down around around El Palmar, or Conil… Dont know whats open this time of year but thats the “surf town” kind of area and also more consistent for swell. Not been down that direction in years, been in the med all winter so would love a surf :smile:

Or Portugal if your in Seville already, lots more options, better waves, more consistent!


John! Thanks for your kindness. I’ll have to do some research on that. I also heard Portugal is better for surfing… let’s see :slight_smile: Been in the ‘med’? what does it mean? If you wanna meet up for surfweek I’m all in! edit: Do prefer to stay in Spain, flights tickets from sevilla are quite expensive :frowning:

Been in the Med I meant I have been located in the Med for the last few months, was on Greek islands, now in Malta. When are you thinking of going? Spain was not part of my plan but you never know, leaving here very soon and still trying to decide where to next :smile:

ahhh, I was afraid you were talking about medications :wink: