Anyone have Google Project Fi yet?

Google Fi user here… And I’m a huge fan.

In some mountainous parts of the USA, way better service than my wife’s T-Mobile.

In Korea and now nearly two months all over Thailand (Phuket, BKK, Chiang Mai) it has been rock-solid. We’ve been on the T-Mobile ‘free 2g’ thing for a while, but now my wife is going to ditch her iPhone to get on Fi because the data is so good.

Price is right, and knowing that I will land in my next country and have the fastest data possible from the get-go is worth more than the cost, to me. And if I don’t use all of my data, they refund me for the unused portion! Go over and they only charge me for the MB I used.

And, having that full speed internet backup without having to fiddle with sim cards in case the internet is out and I need to tether or just check in with my team on Slack… #Priceless.