Anyone have tips for preventing or getting over jet lag? ๐Ÿ˜“๐Ÿ˜ดโœˆ๏ธ

We just finished our first stint around South East Asia and somehow survived 3 days of way too many flights, leaving me to feel like death.

Too much shitty airplane food, not enough sleep, big time difference from Mexico to SEA.

Anyone have tips to prevent that more in the future (aside from better flight plans)? More importantly, how do I recover faster from this horror?

Recently was dealing with jet lag for the first time, it just sucks. I think there is some articles online suggesting some things to get over it faster, but as far as I remember itโ€™s just basic stuff and probably wonโ€™t help that much (like drink water, etc). I think itโ€™s just something you have to suck up and wait it over.

One thing that could help is Melatonin (sleeping pills could probably also work but they donโ€™t work on me, I would rather use something natural) to put yourself to sleep closer to your schedule in the new timezone. There is also book โ€œPower of whenโ€ which I think gives some suggestions on how to make let lag easier to deal with, you might want to check it out.

We have been traveling for a while and jet lag effects us pretty minimally at this point. I do think that it depends on the person somewhat, and your overall health definitely plays a major role, but here are some tips I can provide from experience:

  1. Once your travel day starts, you are on destination time. If it is the day at your destination, resist the urge to sleep as much as possible. Try and sleep when it is night at your destination, and when you arrive, do not sleep until it is night time. It is much better to be tired when you are traveling vs. tired for the few days after you arrive.

  2. As @ifdattic said, Melatonin is your friend. I do not recommend pharmaceuticals, but thatโ€™s just me. Take it before you go to bed after you have arrived to reset your sleep rhythm. Do not take it during travel.

  3. Drink lots of water, get up and move regularly, avoid any caffeine/uppers.


Good points here, thanks @urbanfruitbat !

I definitely made some mistakes along with the already ridiculous flight/travel plans we had.

Appreciate the insights! :blush:

I just got back to the USA from Malaysia and Thailand, but I made sure up stop in between for a week, in Denmark. Two minor moves is better than one huge move, in my experience.

I do around 200k miles per year.

This is what keeps me from terrible jetlag.

  1. Change clocks to destination as soon as plane takes off.
  2. Do not sleep until roughly about 10 hours before you are to land. About 1.5hrs until landing you will get your last meal / be woken so keep that in mind.
  3. I use Temazepam on the crazy sectors when needing sleep.
  4. Hydration is key. Avoid any alcohol or coffee and I also have a supply of hydralyte in my carry on.
  5. On landing adapt to the time zone, if itโ€™s daytime you are awake for the day (or as long as humanly possible) and if itโ€™s nighttime you should be super tired and not have slept on the flight so you can jump straight into bed.
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I travel a lot for work. I find that if I focus on arriving in the morning and I power through the first day till about 9pm and crash, I get over jetlag pretty easily.

Also, donโ€™t drink alcohol on the plane, stick to water and try not drinking for the first few days you are there.

That helps me.

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@mhclapperton I messed up by having coffee and I wish we would have got more electrolytes for the flight and first few days.

Great tips - thanks for this! Will keep in mind for the next stint through time :airplane:

Coffee in the morning is ok. But to stay awake, never.

To be a little clearer, if you can arrive at about 7pm at night and by the time you arrive in your hotel room you can go right to sleep at 9, that is the absolute best. When I say day flight, I mean you fly during the day not arrive during the day.

I canโ€™t sleep on planes so I avoid the red eye if at all possible. I am even in Business Class most of the time and I still canโ€™t sleep.

Iโ€™ve flown from South Africa (+2 gmt) to Asia (+9 gmt) and back probably about 10 timesโ€ฆ I cannot sleep on planes at all. My flights in Asia tend to arrive at around 5pm their timeโ€ฆ First night Iโ€™d usually fall asleep quite late (although Iโ€™m in bed at like 9pm) due to the jet lag, but I force myself to wake up at like 6am, have a strong cup of coffee and go through the day without sleeping at all. Usually at 9pm Iโ€™m dead and will pass out. Next morning I wake up early again. :slight_smile:

A very good strategies summary about ovoiding jetlag/flight related stresses:

The fasting advice (backed by research) was an awesome find which Iโ€™ll try applying during next flight.