Anyone interested in a house-share in Switzerland this summer?

I’m planning to head back to the Alps (Interlaken area) for May and June. Any chance any other nomads are planning a similar trip and have an interest in pooling our resources for housing since it can be a bit on the pricey side there? Let me know!

Depends on your dates, possibly late June/Early July (already have plans for May and first few weeks of June). It’s me & my partner.

I’m hoping for someone who can commit to a whole month (either all June or all May). Short-term rental prices here are brutal. One month is usually a bit more doable. I’m planning to leave in July and August for Eastern Europe.

Wow, great idea. Interlaken is awesome. I might be interested. What do whole month prices look like?

Varies a bit, but I bet we could find a two-bedroom for maybe 900 francs per month or so.

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Still a bit out of our current bootstraping budget (especially with higher CHF) but Swiss, French and maybe Italian and Austrian Alps remains on our radar for next year.