Anyone interested in a meetup in Lisbon soon?

Hey members who are in Lisbon! It seems like some of us are in the Slack chat group, and some are not and messages are being missed and cross posted etc.

How about we set a date and time for a DN get together?

I know that @joshadamlevy @Philippe @bisonravi @alldreamedup are here… anyone else around?

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How about doing something tomorrow?

@craigruks and I are also in Lisbon right now and would love to meet people!

Cool! Yes, tomorrow (Saturday) sounds like a great excuse to explore Lisbon some more. @joshadamlevy and I have only been in Lisbon since Sunday…

Suggestions? Lunch? Evening drinks?

We can be in for either. Just got here Tuesday night so we are new in town this week, too! @bisonravi and @alldreamedup?

I’m up for anything, too.

So, since we are all new here… I guess any one of us should just make a suggestion??

How about the Bairro Alto area? I have seen/heard of some great tapas and music places there. Where is everyone living in Lisbon? @joshadamlevy and I are in Alfama.

I am in Campo Pequenho, but anywhere in central Lisbon is fine with me.

@craigruks and I are in Marquês de Pombal. Bairro Alto sounds good! I assume we are shooting for evening sometime… After 8?

Ok, how about: You go in to the hotel and take the tiny elevator to the top floor.

@joshadamlevy and I went there last week and it was so nice!! Not really expensive if you just have a drink and the view is AMAZING! It’s also a really small terrace, so it will be easy to find each other! From there we can walk into the heart of Bairro Alto and explore the fun?

How about 8:30 there?

Hey! Sorry I’m catching this thread a bit late, been to the BA without realizing they had a rooftop! :open_mouth: I’m up for that tonight and 8.30 is good for me too :smile:

post must be at least 25 characters… when i just wanted to add: @adomasb ?

Hey peeps, I’d love to join but I’m in Madrid this weekend :slight_smile: another time!

Going for sunset? Anyone booking? Two of us are coming.

We won’t be there until 8:30pm @Philippe, long after sunset! Go at 5pm for a great view.

See you tonight we hope! @alldreamedup @meredal @bisonravi @craigruks @Philippe.

We’ve been out touristing today, but @craigruks and I will be there! See you in a few hours :slight_smile:

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Why so many people in Lisbon this year?! It’s like the new Barcelona.

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Hey guys/girls! Next time if you want more people to come, you can ask @xiufensilver to promote it. She’ll make a flyer and then tweet it which will get more people there!

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Not sure what I am doing tomorrow night, but if I am free I will stop by!

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I’m in Lisbon too, let me know when you guys are meeting next time :slight_smile: living in Campo Pequeno

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