Anyone interested in coliving in Las Palmas Oct 15 - Dec 18?

Toying with the idea of renting a house with other nomads in Las Palmas between Oct 15th - Dec 18th. If you’re interested, please PM me with your email address, budget and dates.


I’ve already arranged my accommodation, but I’ll be in Las Palmas from 28 November until the end of March, so would be interested in meet-ups.

Sounds great Anne, hope to see you around then, feel free to shoot me a PM after you arrive. Looks like there will be a few of us around.

Good news. I’ll get in touch then.

I might visit there during similar dates. Have you been there before? What would be a reasonable budget for this location? $2000/month?

Spain yes, Las Palmas no. So there’s a lot of variance in price, but US$1750 to 3000/mo would probably be average for a 3 bedroom place. I can research more once I get emails and budget ranges from everyone.

I was planning to come with my friend (also Nomad / working remote) to Las Palmas in Nov.
Mainly to work/surf.

A surfcamp with accomodation and fast internet would be 300€/week so that would also be my rough budget.
Plus renting a car and surf equipment…

How can I send you a PM here? I`m new to the forum… I use the slack chat more…

OK right on Nico, I’m hoping to surf as well although I don’t know dick about it.

You should be able to just click my picture here and there’s a “MESSAGE” button, or you can find me on #nomads with the same handle.

Ok muchachas y muchachos, if you’re interested in renting together in Las Palmas (and have not messaged me directly about it), make sure to send me a private message in the next 24 hours with 1) dates between October 15 - December 15 for which you are interested, 2) Your $budget$, and 3) include your email address, thanks.

Just a late update on this, the coliving thing didn’t work out but I’ve created a fb group for people in Las Palmas to get together:

Ah damn this was last year! I’m thinking about going this year!

Did you go, how was it for winter?


It’s worth checking out, although it’s not at the top of my list. The worst thing about it is it’s hard to find reasonable short-term housing. I did enjoy my two months there though, I’d get a hotel for a week and see what you think before committing. Shout out to my boys at Coworking C!

How did you all get on in Las Palmas? Thinking about heading there in Jan to work/surf/improve my Spanish. How was the community? Weather at that time of year? General thoughts on it? Anything is appreciated! Thanks x