Anyone interested to do a Scotland/Cape Town flat swap in 2016?

Hi there! I have a one-bedroom flat in Cape Town, South Africa where I am based most of the time. I like to go on 2/3-month trips while working remotely, and am keen to go to Scotland (prefer Edinburgh) next.

I work for myself so am very flexible. If you are keen to swap flats, contact me! Cape Town is amazing, you’ll have a ball. You can even have my friends for the duration of your stay :smile:

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Hey Susan,

I’m not replying to offer you a flat swap but I do stay in Edinburgh and was wondering, what makes you want to come here?

Hi there! I visited Scotland once and absolutely loved it; not sure why. I just loved the atmosphere and the people, and of course the scenery. Always wanted to go back and experience what it’s like to actually live there. Why? Sounds like you don’t recommend it? :slightly_smiling:

Sorry for such a wrong reply, it’s not that I don’t recommend it, I was just born and raised here so I don’t really see the novelty