Anyone know of a flat available in S. Europe for October?

Hello. We’re a couple looking for a flat with great wi-fi for the month of October in Barcelona, Rome, Lisbon or other city in southern Europe. Ideally, the place would have great wifi, be somewhat centrally-located, near public transport, have a few shops nearby, and not be on the 3rd floor or higher (unless there’s a lift). We’re looking to spend no more than €1000 for the month. Dates are somewhat flexible. A whole private apartment would be nice, though we are open to shares and coliving. Available places left on AirBnB are pricey, and we’re casting a wide net, so would consider many different locations. Thanks!

Have you reached out to Airbnb hosts and asked about discounts? Lots of people will do long-stay discounts, off-season discounts, or just generally discounts for people with great references who are going to buy their own supplies and do their own cleaning.

You’ll find plenty of 1 bedroom apartments under 1000€ in Lisbon on AirBnB :slight_smile:

The long term rate is usually around 500€, so 700-900€ for 1 month on a nice, renovated and cozy apartment isn’t that far off.

Public transport is good in Lisbon, maybe a bit crowded. (I’m not the best person to comment, I drive to everywhere here :slight_smile: )

Plus, Lisbon is still sunny and lovely in October, it usually only starts raining in November.

Hello. Yes there are good discounts for stays over 30 or 32 days. I was curious to see what I could find by word-of-mouth, but haven’t ruled out AirBnB. I do have great references, so that helps. Thanks!

Good to know. Thanks!

Plenty of places in Sardinia. Try

Hello there. I don’t know it will be helpful, but I found some apartment to my Prague trip on . I think they are in Vienna too. Hope it’ll be helpful. :slight_smile:

I would appreciate some experience or reference to Flatio. Did some of you guys use them to find your place for living?