Anyone lived in Nuremberg, or can compare it to Munich?

I’m trying to decide between these 2 Bavarian destinations for the next stop. Nuremberg has a higher rating on NomadList, probably because of the price difference, but has anyone actually lived in this city or can offer some insight in comparison to Munich?

Interested in knowing if there is any tech scene there, how the coworking spaces are, the type of feel the city has, etc.

I haven’t lived in either city but I’ve visited & spent some time in both.

Nuremberg is cheaper, quieter and feels more cosy, and I’d definitely go back and visit… but if I had to live there or choose between the two, I’d opt for Munich. Munich is bigger, more vibrant, better selection of stores (eg it actually has an Apple Store), and it has the amazing Englischer Garten & Chinesischer Turm. Munich had more of the nightclubs & bars that I liked to go to, Nuremberg felt more sleepy to me. (If you know Australia at all, Nuremberg had an “Adelaide” feel, while Munich is more “Melbourne”.)

Didn’t get to check out the co-working spaces, but I’m guessing you’ll find a bigger tech scene in Munich. If saving money on accommodation is your main concern I’d go for Nuremberg, but if you want to have late night Starbucks coding sessions or go clubbing after a hard day’s work, I’d go Munich.

The two cities are so close that you can daytrip from one to the other very easily by train (I’ve done this), it’s just over an hour each way on the ICE trains. So you can definitely see both cities while you’re there.

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I’m based in Nuremberg and really like the city but could also imagine living in Munich. As @SyneRyder already said: The cities are different but both nice. Question is what you are looking for: The big metropolis or the more down-to-earth city? Saving money? Definitely Nuremberg. Bigger Tech scene? Munich. Just take a look at meetup:



Although August is the main holiday month in Bavaria there are still plenty of tech events in Munich. Seems they find a new topic to start a meetup each week (there really is a group about “academic expats returning to Munich”). But I would not underrate the tech scene in Nuremberg. Coworking Nürnberg is a good starting point:

Apart from tech: In Munich you’ll find more world-wide known things like Bayern München or the Oktoberfest but your chances of getting a ticket or a place to drink your beer are much higher at the FCN or one of the plenty Kärwas (folk festivals) round Nuremberg. Munich is closer to the Alps if you want to go hiking or skiing. Nuremberg has the “Fränkische Schweiz”: More hills like mountains but also nice for hiking and a paradise for climbers.

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Thanks for the detailed response, this is very helpful. I had decided on Nuremberg but was unable to find a place on AirBNB for a reasonable price. There is one in nearby Regensburg. It is a smaller city than even Nuremberg, but have you had any experience living there?

Costs of hosing in Nuremberg is usually quite reasonable but not on AirBnB. Depends on how long you want to stay but I would also take a look at the business apartments. You’ll have to pay more fees but may find something cheaper:öblierter-wohnraum-in-nürnberg.htm

Also worth a look are the sub-lets here:,N%26uuml%3Brnberg.html

Haven’t tried but I guess booking is not so easy like on AirBnB because they might want to meet you in advance.

Regensburg has a beautiful old town but I only visited friends there for some weekends. Can’t say anything about living there or if there’s a tech scene.