Anyone looking to buddy up on a transatlantic cruise from Europe to the US (Westbound) in May or June?

Hey guys! I’m not sure if these kinds of posts are allowed here, but I couldn’t find anything in the guidelines against them, so here goes:

I’m a 26-year-old (male) Californian and software developer who’s been traveling all over Europe for the past year. I also happen to really hate flying. On the way here, I took a boat; it was the off-season for cruises, so I managed to snag a really cheap ticket for a single cabin. Now it’s getting time to go home, and I want to take a boat back. Unfortunately, the prices are quite a bit higher this time of year, meaning I can’t just swallow up the single supplement as before, so I was wondering if anybody else had plans to head in that direction in May or June. Looking at the current Cunard prices, it would come to $800/person (plus taxes and gratuities) in a double inside cabin. Sure, it ain’t cheaper than flying, but you get to relax for a few days, contemplate the journey, and get fat from all the free food. Bonus points if you’re self-employed, since it’s basically an excuse to work on your projects away from all distraction for a whole week!

Anyone interested?

Hi archagon!
Did you look here? :smile:

I did. Unfortunately, Cunard’s pretty much the only game in town at this time of year.

Any new takers? I’m thinking of going on the June 14 sailing now, which is $899 per person for an inside cabin (plus port fees of ~$100 and ~$80 gratuity, both per person). I called Cunard today and they said that you could always add somebody onto a single ticket at a later time, so I might just end up buying one and then try to find a roommate later. But, ugh, that 2x multiplier is hard to swallow. (Still don’t want to fly, though…)

Will also investigate cargo ships, but cursory research has shown that they tend to be even more expensive.