Anyone using this place in Cebu?

Going by the website, this shared work space sounds good:

Does anyone here have actual experience with it?

General info on the city:

The Tide is in Cebu City, near the border with Mandaue.

Unfortunately I haven’t used it, but can vouch for the area- IT Park is very nice and safe…

The main reason I don’t use TheTide myself is I actually rent a condo right there within the IT Park and have “high speed” cable internet in my unit (SkyBroadband 16Mb down 1Mb up, for P1999).

Many of the Cebu call-centers are located in the IT Park, so the internet is decent throughout. My only complaint about TheTide when I looked them up before is their business hours. So much of the IT Park is open very late or 24 hours, would’ve been nice to use them during USA business hours.

Speaking of which, I’m in the USA at the moment but if nobody else has any feedback on it maybe I’ll buy a one-day hotseat pass when I get back there :slight_smile:

Spent two months there working out of the tide. It’s cheap and Internet is ok.

Varies from day to day.

Drop in and try it out for a day. See if you like it there.

People are nice and lots of good food options in the area. Just have to walk a bit.

Also a doctor clinic in the area too if you need it.

Say hi to Zeke for me if you head in.


I’ve used it, but the building doesn’t allow shorts and flip flops so I stopped. I just use the Starbucks down the street

They’re a bit more relaxed now.

They allow shorts, but still no flipflops. Dress standards I guess.