Anyone worked from Bangalore yet?

Hi every one im thinking about moving to india
As any one worked from bengaluru?


Once, but just for a couple of weeks. I don’t know much about the startup / coworking ecosystems there yet, since I was lucky enough to stay with friends who both had very fast internet at home. In general, if you’re sticking around long enough to get an apartment and get your own internet, it would work. Be aware that it can be common to pay an 11 month security deposit for apartments in Bangalore, so your initial cost of moving could be a little higher than you expected.

Bangalore seems to have coffee shops, restaurants, and bars on every corner; it’s not hard to find spaces to work from when you’re tired of the apartment. The CCD coffee chain is literally everywhere, and I think they’ve all got wifi now as well.

Bangalore also has more meetups and more of a regular tech community culture than, say, Calcutta, so if you work in tech and need / want a community of folks in similar fields around you, it might be a good fit.

Let me know how it goes!

Thanks for your reply im still gathering information around!