App/tool/service for nomads to bring things from another country?

I vaguely remember hearing about such a service before, but I’m drawing a blank on the name. Basically I left my tablet on a connecting flight in Europe, right before my main flight to Thailand. They have my tablet and are willing to ship it out for me, but people have warned me there’s a big risk of it getting “lost in the mail” if I ship something expensive like that to Thailand.

I’m wondering if there’s a service or community, where I can find a nomad who’s in Europe/heading to Thailand soon, so I can have it shipped to them in Europe and pay them to ferry it down here for me? I met someone in Budapest a ways back who had built something for this type of use-case, but I can’t remember the name of it. Any help would be appreciated!

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I tried shop and ship recently (shopandship dot com) and it worked great (UK to Mauritius). I’m not sure they serve Thailand though.

Regular mail, yes. But sending by professional mail like UPS, DHL and picking insured shipping, it’ll arrive. What’s more probable is that you’ll have to pay import tax duty which can be significant $$$

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