Apple TV and Netflix: Do these work for Nomads?

We launch in 2 weeks. In the US, we use Apple TV and Netflix regularly. Do these work abroad?

The Apple TV does but Netflix, in general, will not. You will need to get a Netflix compatible VPN. I can confirm NordVPN works with it as well as Torguard, if you get the specific compatible service.

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Netflix is available worldwide now, so it will work wherever you go - China and North Korea being exceptions…
The catalogues might differ from country to country however.

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I recently used my Netflix in Poland, Japan, Australia, Malaysia and Indonesia. In general, Netflix works everywhere, but as Ronald mentioned the catalogue can differ. Watching via compatible VPN can be a solution if you have fast enough connection.

Also, be aware that language/subtitle options can differ, which can cause hilarious outputs. “Batman vs Superman” was much more digestible with Japanese voices. :rofl:

Apple TV is a device that connects you to video services (like Netflix) or allows cast from other devices. Are you asking if the device is going to work abroad or your other video services?

In the US we’ve been using Apple TV and accessing our Netflix and Amazon Prime with Apple TV. I saw a mention online that someone was streaming US television, and so I wanted to see if we can do the same when we launch.

I think this is more of a technical issue for you, regarding installing international streaming apps onto your apple TV (which is basically just a mini computer). I would google “watching international television on apple tv” and check out apps you can install onto it, like the Zattoo App.

Also watch this:

I travel with an Apple TV 4 Retina.

It can’t run its own VPN. I’ve got a Matchbox two-channel router that grabs the hotel WiFi, runs a VPN and connects it to the Apple TV.

It works, but it doesn’t have the horsepower for a great streaming experience.

I’m therefore looking at a Netgear or ASUS open source router to do this smoothly - which is a whole lot less minimalist and elegant. I’m hoping something powerful will be matchbox-sized soon.

Plex works brilliantly though. I’ve got a 4TB WD MyPassport with thousands of HD films that I connect to my MacBook Pro and the Apple TV shows them with all the artwork and trailers. Great!

Follow up: We’ve been once around the globe now, and whenever we have a long stay, we have been able to set up Apple TV, feeding from the local cable connection, and then access our Netflix account.

Netflix works internationally, and you can access any movie on offer by VPNing to the country where it’s available (some are US only, many are AU-only for some reason, and so on).