April in Spain. Where to go besides Canary Islands

So I head to Barcelona in a week for the next 4. I am reading some stuff online. I want to wing it and ask around when I get to Barce. But what I see online I may just spend the open three weeks I have in the Canary islands. The year round surfing and reasonable cost of living sounds great especially spending the first three months of 2018 on the beaches in Central America.

I fly out of Madrid the second week of May. I dont want to spend more than a couple days in Madrid. I had a week there last year. So if anybody could shed some insight based on their experiences that would be most bodacious.

For those who are still reading here are some interests of mine:

  • Hiking and outdoors activities in general.
  • Surfing/beaches
  • Food (this should be higher on this list actually).
  • Smaller and lesser known cities are ideal.

Thanks for any and all the help peoples.

See you in the forum, Ryne

Valencia or Tarifa :wink:

I would highly recommend Figueres - it’s a day trip or overnighter from Barcelona and has the Dalí museum, which is incredible. It’s also a charming town!

Girona is another beautiful city worth looking into while in the Barcelona area - a bit more modern.

From Madrid, if you haven’t been to Toledo it’s a must! Tons of history, especially surrounding the “torreros” - you can tour a bullfighting ring.

Highly recommend Malta!

Check Jávea, between Valencia and Alicante. We run a coliving community here (www.sun-and-co.com) and there is a growing community of digital nomads and remote workers. The town checks all your boxes: near two natures parks by the sea, good weather and plenty of outdoor possibilities (eventually surfing too), beaches amongst the best in mainland Spain and well, good food in general. Let me know if you want to know more :slight_smile: