Are people giving false info to attract DNs to their city

Hi Nomads,

I live in Poland since 2007 as an expat. I lived in Warsaw, Wrocław, Katowice and Łódz and I truely don’t understand how you got your infos for Poland.

Wrocław is the most expensive city in Poland ??? I pay my rent 1.5 times more in Warsaw and restaurants are also at least 50% more expensive.

Lublin is the city with the most fun? Really, What about Krakow or Wrocław or even Warsaw?

Internet is 2Mbps in Wrocław??? Why are there big compagnies like IBM, HP, Melon Bank of New York, Swiss Bank, etc … in Wrocław if the internet was so bad. I have a flat in Wrocław and my internet connection is 30 Mbps with T-Mobile.

It looks like some people are giving false informations to attracts DNs to their cities. What do you think about it ?

How to correct those infos ? I already tried to correct the info about internet connection in Wrocław but I didn’t see any changes.

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Agree. Based on personal experience, found info about Poland and other locations very inaccurate.

Your personal experiences are not exactly an accurate representation of a city’s stats. Take for example your own statement “IBM, HP, Melon Bank of New York, Swiss Bank, etc” - all these exist where I am right now. In fact, each of those companies are within a 10 minute walk from me. In my apartment I am on a sub-1Mbps connection with no ability to upgrade no matter how much money I realistically could throw at the problem. If I go to my office, I have a quad-100Mbps connection. Which is the accurate representation of my city? Neither. My city’s average is around 15Mbps.

All that being said, Nomadlist isn’t an accurate representation either. It is a rough guide to locations built upon intelligence gathered from multiple sources. It would be impossible to accurately represent a statistic that everyone would agree on. Your definition of fun is different to mine. I like jazz clubs, you might hate them. Who is right?

Look at sites like Numbeo which is the world’s largest database of user contributed data about cities and countries worldwide that continually is criticised for being inaccurate - regardless of the fact that tens of thousands of people contribute to it.

You might have correctly submitted changes however A single person’s experiences will have a minor impact on data constructed from a larger source. This is the nature of statistics.

From the FAQ:

What is the source of your data?

It started out as a crowdsourced spreadsheet. That spreadsheet held about 25 cities. That was a great start, but crowdsourced data has by nature challenges with consistency. For example, some people have more expensive taste than others and will tell you the rent in a city is higher than the actual average.

To mitigate this, we’ve hired city editors to research data by a strict set of guidelines. That means I now have more consistent data. I also have way more cities than before. Since the start we’ve added over 500 of the biggest cities in the world and continue to add more every day.

Your data on X is wrong!

Please click the city, and then click the edit button on the to right to and submit a change. I’ll process it and it’ll update in a few days.

Hi Grum,

All listed cities in Poland have at least a 20Mbps internet except Wrocław 2Mbps, there is really a problem here.

I know all those cities in Poland and lived in some of them. Even if it is my personnal opinion, I have experienced them and can compare them.

I know Wrocław very well because I lived there many years and it looks like all the info about Wrocław were deliberatelly wrong.
When I see the cities which are listed I feel sorry for the DNs who will avoid Wrocław to go to Lublin or Katowice.

I would be happy to help …

All you need to do is fill in the form and it’ll be taken into consideration.