Are there any digital nomad fitness retreats?

Hey all:

Does anyone here have any experience attending a full time fitness bootcamp or a fitness resort while working? I know there is one in Cambodia for digital nomads (Fitness Retreat Resort Kep Gym), unfortunately the time difference vs my work schedule would make my life suck if I tried to go there. I’m looking for a place between US and Europe timezones that lets you live with them, kicks your butt with fitness, but would also have good WiFi/accommodate working eight hours a day. I’m also open to other tangential ideas for something close-ish to get that same experience.

Thanks for any help!


I will vouch for Bangarang Muay Thai which is just North of Chiang Mai in a town called Mai Rim. Although the timezone does not meet your criteria I highly recommend it to any others in the timezone looking for a balanced work/fitness retreat.