Are there any VPN providers specifically suited to nomads?

hi, I have been using a free VPN for a while.
Just wondering though, im planning on travelling into china and wanted to know if there were any VPN’s that anyone can recommend that are safe within china.

As I undertstand the Chinese are aware of some VPN’s and have blocked them. Not sure if that is true or not, but would be really great to know more.

Also any one think any particular VPN provider is better suited to nomads and why?

China doesn’t block specific VPNs, they block the protocols that all VPN services use. This means that no VPN works well there. Sometimes it may work a little better but overall it’s shit. If going to China, read this first:

@nomadtax is completely right!

That said… I’ve lived/traveled in China extensively over the last two years and while I have 3 different VPNs that I rotate between, VyprVPN has been the most reliable for me even when others fail to connect.

Astrill used to works amazingly well in China… until recently.
I still works, from times to times, according to the provider. And I can’t find any logic on when and why it will work, or won’t.
I’m now using ExpressVPN. It works. I can’t say it works great. UDP protocol connections often get detected and blocked. TCP works almost all the time, but it’s slow.

I lived in China for 5 years and used Astrill. They have a StealthVPN option specifically for China. It’s supposed to work when regular VPN doesn’t work. Plus, if they are down, you can email/skype their support, they usually have creative workarounds to get you back online.

I’m in China now. I use ExpressVPN and hotspot shield. Definitely download more than one to both your phone and computer before you arrive because sometimes I just can’t get one working while another will be fine.

I’m in China at the moment and VyprVPN has been good. In any case, I’ve cycled through many VPNs over the years (outside of China) and nothing has come close to the speed and software these guys provide.

It’s definitely a game of cat and mouse out here though.

Connecting to some countries is fine, then not the next. Some Wifi set-ups are a lot more receptive to you running a VPN - others just don’t seem to like it and drop out all the time. At one place I found I would keep a connection for 40-60 minutes then it would disable me for another 10-15 before I could get back on again. Bizarre and frustrating.

Right now though (in a different city) I’ve held a VPN connection all night with no drop outs and fast speed.

So there are many exterior factors in addition to choosing a good VPN. But I think VyprVPN would give you the best chance.

VyprVpN has end points a bit everywhere. They have their own protocol to go undetected in China, or so they say.
I did not try it in China but from time to time I had to go through other VPN blocking firewalls and it worked.

You can also search shadowsock, vpn, vps and make your own vpn. It’s a bit more work than an off the shelf version but it’s going to be more reliable too.

For digital nomads working in China, using the internet is a big problem because the Great Firewall blocks many sites. Many people use VPN but many VPN services are blocked in China as well.

If you are tech-savvy, you can try installing your own Shadowsocks server because Shadowsocks works better than VPN in China (less likely to be blocked).

If you need a VPN, I’d suggest VyprVPN, ExpressVPN, AstrillVPN etc. You can also take a look at some VPN testing websites in China. For example, this link:

Big fan of ExpressVPN