Are there cards similar to the APEC Business Travel Card that Europeans are eligible for?

I heard from an American friend that he has several cards similar to the APEC Business Travel Card (link to Wikipedia ) that allow him to get priority treatment at immigration line in certain countries.
I was very intrigued and quickly checked up on the card, but it seems to be only available to citizens of APEC-member nations.

I was wondering if anyone here uses such cards, what your experiences with them are (specifically, I’m interested in cards available for Europeans/Germans).

Can’t say I’ve heard of these other cards - I travel a lot and have only seen Diplomatic/Air Crew/APEC queues (aside from the Business/First class priority lanes too). The [APEC] card is fantastic… I’ve used mine to live all over Asia these past 4-5 years.

I agree with international_man, there doesn’t seem to be much speciality around that I have seen other than Air Crew, Diplomatic, and APEC queues. And I can personally attest that APEC is awesome when arriving in Hong Kong :smile:

There may be a few lesser known ways to get expedited entry depending on where you are headed. Take Hong Kong for example, they have a Frequent Visitor e-Channel program where you can get through quickly if you’re a member of certain airline programs with some status… Cathay Pacific Marco Polo Club members qualify, and probably relevant to OP is Lufthansa (not sure what their mileage program is). Tough thing is you need to sign up when you arrive the first time, and then use the e-Channel on future visits.

Another example for Thailand would be the Thai Elite visa. If you’ve got the money (500K baht) there’s expedited service on arrival and departure, limo service, and a 5 year visa included. If I ever decide to spend a lot of time in Thailand (as well as coming and going), I may give this a shot myself!

I’d definitely suggest the Thailand Elite card as the best option.

Otherwise, if you just want priority on arrival (does fix a lot of questions you’d typically get otherwise) then http limousine dot in dot th have been great for me in the past.