Are there internet cuts in Da Nang during the rainy season?

I am planning to spend 3 months in Da Nang in September and I don’t really mind the rain but it would suck if there were internet connection cuts, which would make it impossible for me to work? Anyone has any experience with this? Also, does it make sense at all to spend three months there during the rain season? Or should I pick a different location?

Internet won’t cut in Danang because of rain. It’s the sharks to cut the undersea cable few times a year in Vietnam. Also, the rain is just light in the rain season, 30 minutes to 1 hour a day.

Good news thank you. And that happens, do dongles work?

After a whole year of living there, the internet really only came to a crawl about 3 times. All the rest of the time it was just as fast as many places in America.

They’re planning on putting a 2nd undersea cable connecting VN to the outside world very soon so shark based outages should become a more rare in theory.

Maybe it will happen, maybe not, but the idea is in place.