Are there nomad families here and how do you choose your next destination?

All members of my family has different needs and hobbies so how do you pick the perfect places?

There are a ton of nomad families on Facebook groups - location independent families, digital nomad families, worldschoolers are the big ones. We’ve been traveling with our kids since 2013, kids born in Luxembourg, Mexico and the US. My wife and I choose the destinations as our oldest is only 6yrs, so the factors are currently timezone vs company’s, climate, cost of living, journey time back to family, schooling options, visa duration, and access to other nomad families. We’re heading to Mazatlán next week and plan to make it a homebase, traveling out a couple of times a year. Our son’s favorite was Budapest, which we’ll probably get back to when he’s older. Our favorite will always be Cape Town, but the timezone would be too disruptive atm.

Thanks a lot for your answer.
My current factors are

  • horse riding for my daughters
  • surfing for me
  • Yoga for my wife
  • International school
  • GMT-4 < timezone < GMT+4
  • cost of life cheaper than France

So we ended up in mauritius :slight_smile:

We plan to homebase in france again in 2 years or so and do almost the same as you: traveling 6/8 weeks per year during summer holidays.

This way, we can keep a steady environment for our kids all year long while still discovering a country during almost 2 months.

In order to find our next spot, we use nomadlist of course but also remote-family.

Thanks for your infos

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We choose the destinations … worldschoolers since 2012… 4 kids … slow travelling min 3 months but have spent 10 months eg Gran Canaria …
Currently in Taiwan and using it as an Asian base (have some contract work hence why Taiwan).

Hi, I surf regularly and Oahu has great horseback riding, time zone might be an issue, but I have 3 bedroom house where we will be on mainland nov 21 2020- Jan1 2021, hit me up if you would like to stay, I can link you to my air bnb