Are there Nomad List meetups in Bogota or Medellin?

I’m currently looking to go to one of the two cities in the upcoming months (or both!) to do research for a documentary. Are there any shared workspaces or meet-ups for nomad anyone recommends? I’d love to interview people who have been living there for a while and do a bit of networking. For you veterans, what’s the best way to go about this?

medellin will have more of both. there are a couple official coworking spaces as well as a couple cafes like Pergamino that are popular and busy with nomads. there is a pretty active meetup list on lots of topics.

Go to Nomad List, click the right Menu, then click Organize Meetup and you can organize one yourself! We’ll promote it for you to make sure there’ll be people around :slight_smile:


Are you still in Bagota by any chance?

I’m in Bogota. Would you like to meet up?

I’m still in Bogota, for one more week.
Anyone around ?

Hi @federerchris and @hjbarraza, how about meeting up this coming Friday? Preferably for drinks in the evenings since I’ll be working all day. Bagota is new for me, so any recommendations for location would be great!

I’m in Chapinero Alto/Rosales.
And personally don’t know many places either. I’ll ask around and get back to you over hashtagnomad slack group.

I’m to on slack yet… might be best for me to stay away from another distraction ;-). Would be easier if we could just chat here and setup day/time/location to meetup.

We are having a party at my place on Saturday night.
If anyone is in bogota and wants to join, let me know

I’ll send address over private message.

I would recommend to check the Facebook Digital Nomads Medellín group. The host Shaun is a cool guy and regularly creates meet-ups in Medellín.

He also wrote an insightful digital nomads guide for Medellín. See you in Medellín :slightly_smiling: