Are you satisfied with the co-working space environment in Budapest / Hungary?

We are a group of freelancers working from home in Budapest and we are thinking about to open our own co-working space in the city. From freelancers to freelancers. Not in the hearth of the city (out of noise) but 10 minutes from the centre on the main tramline. (No. 4-6.) Friendly mood, 24/7 open, only environmental friendly solutions, good coffee, healthy food, sandwiches, snacks and beverages, proper price. Opinions?!

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Go for it, guys! New co-working places are just that cool. Good luck! Budapest is a very nice city in my opinion with relatively low prices, I think many nomads do make it there. On the downside, Schengen with a 90 days limit : )

I’m heading there next week and was looking at coworking space options. I’d be much more likely to pick the place closest to me as opposed to going out of the city and needing to pay and figure out a tram ticket to get there; unless you had something worth it like cheaper entrance, better internet, better food and drink or just a cooler “space” (honestly that is not that impt to me though as much as fast internet, cheap entrance and near where I’m staying)

Having tried this in Melbourne, I think you will be much better off in the city centre where people can find you easily. You can deal with noise in other ways.

Actually the place would be 10 mins from the city centre on the Buda side where people mostly living. It’s on the main tramline and on a bike road so people can come over really easily.

There are some cafes nearby which calling themselves co-working space but in reality they have average internet connection and usual cafe place environment. Instead we would provide comfortable desks with HD displays to use for free. Does it make sense?

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