Awesome coworking places for working & living in Thailand?

Hey! Moving to Thailand from January-March, looking for some epic coworking places to work and stay. It has to be somewhere in the nature. Any suggestions? Tnx!

There are a lots of them nowadays
Hubba is a good place if you stay in Bangkok.
Even if it locates in the central area, you can get the nature feeling working there.

I’ve used PunSpace in Chiang Mai a few times. The co-working space itself is nice and if you rent a scooter (everyone except me seemed to), you can be in nature in all of 15 minutes.

Just arrived this week in Chiang Mai, I can second it, Punspace is good, very productive work vibe here. This city has charm and a subtle sense of zen.

Hey guys, thanks for all recommendations! Any cool coworking place near the sea? :slight_smile:

I can highly recommend KoHub on Koh Lanta. Been back twice now.

They now have a block of apartments and are able to put together a package for you including coworking membership and accommodation if you like.

If you aren’t interested in a packaged deal, you can also just get a membership at the coworking space and find your own accommodation.