Best 3G/4G carrier for Bali?

Hi, Im going to spend 2 month in Bali mainly in Ubud.
I’m getting a Hubud membership but don’t want to be trapped there all the time, so I want some reliable mobile connection.

So far I’ve been checking out:

From the coverage maps on their websites, seems they all cover pretty well the Kuta area, but but other areas not.

My usage is mainly: Github, Slack and one daily Video Call.

Do you have some recommendation on this? I was thinking on Indosat.


I think most people are on Telkomsel, but honestly they all suck in Bali. It’s slow as hell.

Thanks @levelsio,
I’ll stay close to Hubud and Salty Volt then.

just tested with my TSEL 3G, looks pretty good but it’s not stable. I don’t think they have 4G in Indonesia.

4G with Telkomsel (the only 4G provider in Bali right now) works pretty well in the south (Kuta, Denpasar, Seminyak, Kerobokan). You’ll only get 3G in Ubud. Stick with Telkomsel (Simpati) anyway. It seems to be the most reliable. Always buy a data ‘packet’ otherwise you’ll go through your credit (pulsa) really quick.

Thanks @ariana and @Don_Lee!
I will get Telkomsel and check the data package.

XL and Smartfren also provide 4G in Bali.

Just did my 2 month stint in Bali for this year.

3G in 2015 is much better than 2014. About 2x faster.

2014 a good speed was around 3-4Mbps
2015 a good speed is around 5-8Mbps
Upload/Download ratio can vary wildly, and 3G can drop out often.

It’s over congested in most popular places so you can ignore the above speeds in practical circumstances. Ubud central was dropping out to Edge speeds very often, (though Penestanan where I stayed a week scored a consistent and reliable 5-6Mbps). Canggu (Batu Balong beach) was unusable, always on Edge 50kbps.

Many places are on fiber Internet this year, I was getting 3-8Mbps in many restaurants and even a few homestays.

All speeds are testing to servers within Indo, expect much less if you are skyping to further flung places (like 4x slower is not uncommon). In general the pipes leading out of Indo have improved for 2015, IMO we’re seeing 2x the International bandwidth as 2014 which apparently was an atrocious year.