Best beach towns in Southern Italy?

Looking to spend a month or so (March/April of ‘19) in a beach town(s) in Southern Italy, anybody have good experience down there?

Maybe it’s late but considering that nobody answered I add my 2 cents.
In Sicilia I would say Cefalù and Taormina, but Taormina is a strange town and if you stay “up” it’s a long thing to go to the sea. Close to Palermo there is Mondello. Close to Agrigento there is Scala dei turchi.

In Sardegna there are probably the best beaches but it’s not exactly south of Italy and it’s not well connected to the rest of the world… I’ve never been there but for some of my friends is one of the most beautiful land in the world.

In Puglia and Calabria there are plenty of beaches, but a bit more north I suggest Portonovo, Sirolo, Numana and Senigallia. In particular close to Sirolo there are two of the most beautiful beaches in Italia. I know them well because I don’t live far from there and these are “my beaches”. Prices are similar to South of Italy, much lower than in Liguria or Toscana.