Best city to live in Thailand from April to July?

I will be in Chiang Mai during summer and have read it will be very hot there and then the rain season starts.
Will the nomad community still be strong there or are you moving to an other part of Thailand?

I’d love to know as well. I’m currently in India (from the U.S), but plan to hit Thailand around May, June, July in Bangkok then Chiang Mai.

“Very hot” is subjective… everywhere in Thailand is “very hot” in the middle of the day and humid all year round by the standards of people living in more temperate climates, and the peak temperatures in Chiang Mai in April (mid to high thirties celsius) are only a little above the temperatures for the rest of the year (low to mid thirties celsius). For most of the year Chiang Mai has higher peak temperatures and cooler evenings than Bangkok and surrounds, and the islands, where you’re also more likely to get a fresh cool breeze or jump in the sea, but there’s more variation in peak temperature day-to-day than season to season.

It tends to rain more in Chiang Mai than the islands over that period, but it tends to be showers which have a pleasant cooling effect if you’re not caught outside in them, and being a city rather than strung-together resorts there’s also a lot more interesting places to take cover from the rain.

Really, the best city to live in depends far more on your preferences. Either way, if you’re in Thailand for April 13-15 then I’d aim to be in a major city for Songkran, and if I was planning to spend any extended period in Thailand I’d want to visit at least one of the islands for some of the time.

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I have lived off and on again in Phuket for the past five years … I specifically live in Rawai… The entire South of the Island is cheaper and a great place to stay versus Patong and the more tourist heavy parts of the island… Incredible beaches and people throughout the south of Phuket…

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